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  1. My real life is about growing plants, breeding animals and youtubing. In my professional life I am doing strategic procurement in the intralogistic business. But thats not real life, its just putting food on my table and paying my Bills. Br Magnus
  2. So I made a vid repotting: I am still a beginner, please let me know how I am doing. BR Magnus
  3. Satisfying work today. Nephentes seadlings badly needed new home and new soil. They are 1,5 year old by now. N. Kuchiensis red X (giant viking X ampularia green). Seems like a few keepers, I just dont know which ones yet :)
  4. Its a little bit off topic I would agree. But there are products that remineralize ro water ment for human consumption. If you dont trust WHO there are several other sources online saying the same thing. Or just talk to your doctor about it. Vr Magnus
  5. Ah, I thought this was a shamless add not a serious post:) The minerals removed in the RO filter is ecential for human. In the long run it is not healthy to drink ro water. Quote: "According to the World Health Organization, low mineral (TDS) drinking water produced by reverse osmosis or distillation is not suitable for long term human consumption and in fact, can create negative health effects to those consuming it." Br Magnus
  6. It is really bad in the long run to drink pure reverse osmosis water. If osmo water is good for drinking its bad for CPs.
  7. Thanks. For terrestrial utricularia so far I have had no problems (knock on wood). For epiphytic utrics from orchinoides complex I am not so sure. None has died yet, but is soo slow that I think it is possible to do better.
  8. That also depends on the water and the species to grow. For nephentes and soft tap water I see no reason to do anything. Br Magnus
  9. Do you mean dead or alive spagnum? Br Magnus
  10. Hmm, that is right. I have been around for a while not thinking about introducing myself. Magnus from western Sweden. Been cultivating carnivours (successfully) for two years. Previous attempts failed due to lack of knowledge. Now I have enough for some cultivation, but lots left to learn. I have several hobbies all about my passion for nature. As a covid project I started a Youtube channel. Today I released my first vid about carnivours: Please let me know how I am doing. As spring arives I will try to built an outdoor carnivours bog. If it is ok I will share as I upload here. Br Magnus
  11. Not that I am an expert on heliamphora. But as far as I understand the climate on the tepuis it rains a lot more than the plant can hold. If you look at your plant it has a open slit from top down. That is where the water leave the plant when it gets too much. I would think that copy nature would not go wrong? IE filling up until water pours out that slit.
  12. About the question on germination. Its not possible to give one advice valid for all utrucularias. Different species needs different conditions. However, most common species is very easy to germinate and are not very fussy.
  13. Nephentes seeds have very short shelf life and will go bad in a very short time if not sown. From time to time there are seeds for sale on this forum. But when there are you need to act fast.
  14. Why should RO unit be out of the question in rental home? I was in rental for years and were using ro. Just connect it to tap, do a big batch that lasts a month or so and then store it away. Brittas filter do not make water softer, hence will do no difference to the plants. Br Magnus
  15. Exoterra are good enclosures for low humidity setups. But for high humidity it simply have far too much ventilation. You need to cover a lot more of the mesh to get humidity up. There is also a challenge with measure relative humidity. Real accurate sensors is just way too expensive for this kind of application. You simply cannot trust the reading. I use humidity control in my terrarium as well. The way of using it that works best for me is almost completelly sealed top. Just a small hole with a fan. I use 20 seconds of misting to increase humidity to near 100% every other hour. The humidity controller is connected to the fan and set at lowering humidity to 70-90%, different for different seasons. Br Magnus