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  1. Strange. They would grow carnivours leafs in the rainy season.
  2. I asume you are in northern hemisphere? Come spring it will start to grow carnivours leafs again. When it does, increase watering. Br Magnus
  3. That is a dormant mexican ping. Its not true dormancy, its an adaptation to less humid conditions. Yes different sphagnums have different needs of humidity, but all is fairly high. Aceh is in Indonesia as well. Northern part of sumatra to be precise.
  4. Hmm. Your pinguiculas produce small cute succulent leafs which are not dewy. But they are not dormant? Sounds just like dormant pings to me. Sphagnum needs a lot of moisture. Aceh is quite warm all year round. That may be a hint about this moss.
  5. Tropfrog


    If you want to grow sundews from seed. Get yourself some capensis seeds. They grow to almost adult size in a growing season, but cant stand much of frost. Its a coupple of euros spent and you can shoose between protecting them in winter or just treat them as anuals. Anyway, that seems like a better option to inspire a kid. Br Magnus
  6. The information online may be contradictory because there are multiple species of nephentes which needs different conditions. When to mowe out or in is very much depending on your location and climate. We dont know species nor location and climate. Any advice might be just as contradictory as most references found online.
  7. Tropfrog


    Hi and welcome! How nice to hear you are so supportive to your son. This is a very addictive hobby. Hope both of you will enjoy. There are both good and bad sellers out there. It is always best to buy from reputable people in the hobby rather than companies, however there are exceptions to that rule as well. There are a lot of good sellers that sell from own production here at cpuk. I think there are a time limit for which members needs to be active before the sales and wants section opens. At least it was when I joined. Br Magnus
  8. Hello Premiere this evening 18:00 CET or 17:00 GMT on a vid I made last summer looking for pinguicula vulgaris: If you have nothing else to do, please join me in the chat. If not, the vid will be awailable after the premiere as well. Please let me know what you think. BR Magnus
  9. Hard to tell without knowing your location. Where I live in southern sweden its not possible to grow nepenthes on a windowsill in winter without supplemental light.
  10. If you are in the northern hemisphere it would be normal for nephentes grown without supplemental light not to grow pitchers this time of the year. You should look for the brightest place in your home to put it in. Even in a very light window sill supplemental light makes a big difference in winter.
  11. Tropfrog

    Drosera Aliciae

    Were are you located? How is your winters like? Br Magnus
  12. What do you mean with uv grow lights? Those red and blue led units that make the plants look like they have no clorophyll? They dont give any uv lights whatsoever and uv light is not necessary for CPs. I would recomend looking for full spectrum grow lights with arround 6500 kelvin instead. Much more enjoyable to watch.
  13. Not any own experience, but the specs looks really promising. I am sure they will work as supplemental light for windowsill growing. 15 w is not much, if you intend to grow a collection of nepenthes it will need quite a few of them, then it might be better to get bigger and fewer lamps.
  14. Hello Last week I was out on a nature adventure trying to find the biggest population of Sarracenia purpurea in Sweden. It was such a wonderful and successful day that I made a video about it: The video has premiere this afternoon at 18:00 CET (DST). You can join the premiere and interact in the live chat or watch it at any time later. Please le me know how I am doing. BR Magnus