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  2. There is allways hope, but nobody here can tell you if it will survive or not. Just wait and see.
  3. I had a wonderful day with a lot of inspiration. Do you think the shallow tray will allow the utrics to grow well?
  4. 70-75 degrees, you are boiling you plant, get it out of there! Irony aside. The forum name may give a hint. Based in UK, where they use international standard for temperature which is celsius.
  5. They are probably not there in order to harm the plant. Comercial growers tends to only use products that are good for the plant. I would leave it for now, not knowing what it is.
  6. Sarracenia purpurea has been introduced to many places in europe. We have 15 or so known locations in Sweden so its quite possible you are not misstaken. Here are the oldest known site in sweden, is it the same plant you saw?
  7. There are no CP that grows in clay soil as far as I know. Some pinguicula grow in pure lime.
  8. Hmm. Peat not suitable for lime hating plants. Isnt the only reason to grow in peat that you have lime hating plants? Lime loving plants hate peat. Strange product.
  9. From what I heard and read boiling is the only safe way to kill moss spores is boiling. However, most sphagnum purshased here are well treated allready and dont grow anything from spores. I am happy every time a batch sprouts live sphagnum. Naturally I dont boil my moss.
  10. For what species of carnivours have you used neem oil successfully? Br Magnus
  11. All fertilizers weakens CPs as they naturally have evolved in nutrient poor conditions. What CPs are you currently growing and what pests is your problem? Br Magnus
  12. Number one is prevention. Strong plants rarelly gets infected by pests. Neem oil dont work for mosts CPs as it is also a fertilizer that may weaken the plant even more.
  13. I guess most of them are highland nephentes. However many lowland hybrid is much adaptable to different conditions. I see now issue in growing them together. Fairly cold in the days with an additional temperature drop in the nights and constantly high humidity. Same conditions for both species.
  14. Bisquamata is quite a weed that I would awoid unless it is the bettys bay variaty that behave much better :)