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  1. Could it be springtails? If so, no harm for your plants. Br Magnus
  2. Do concider the difficulties to measure humidity. Double check with more than one device. 30 is low and not for certain a correct measurement.
  3. I second argo. As long as the plant is sacrificed to the test and not the fish it is not a big deal. Maybe I try once I have an excess of sarracenias to sacrifice. My collection is quite small at the moment. Br Magnus
  4. No experience myself with that combination, but ill imagine "full of fish" equals too much fertilizer for the plant. I dont know what fish it is. But low ph as sarracenias wants is not really Good for Most ornamental garden pond fish. At least not in a pond full of fish which needs biological filtration to keep the fish healthy. So....I would not try myself. Br Magnus
  5. What answer do you expect on how much? Type, Watt, Lumen, Lux, pur, par or duration? Light is not as easy to quantify as leangth or weight. Better to learn your own plants under your own conditions. Unfortunattely some plants will die meanwhile.
  6. Adult sarracenias dont do very well in the winter in heated appartement. They Will need to experience winter dormancy.
  7. Light is Only one of the challenges. Even harder to give them indoors is winter dormancy. I would suggest growing species that dont need winter dormancy instead. I have mars hydro sp 150 for my high demanding plants. Stainless steal needs to be acid tolerant in order to be safe in the long term. Br Magnus
  8. It is not about led or sun. It is type of led, filtered or not. Direct or indirect. Duration and how strong. With that beeing Said. I have no more experience than you. Me seedlings is just 6 months now. However, the concept of light and photosyntesis is the same for any plants. Br Magnus
  9. If the plant can survive winter without extra light is dependent of your location. From the answer given you now know that it works in Italy. I can add that I have failed in south facing Window in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have no idea about Paysley, but for sure the conditions have more similarities to Gothenburg than Italy. I would give supplemental light.
  10. There are not much difference really for the task. When I was into coral reef aquarium I switch the unit every year and sold the last one scheap to carnivourus growers. I am still using the last one 5 years later. You Will need to get some ball valve and plummings done to attach it safely to your tap. Not a big deal, but if you dont feel safe doing it, get a plummer to do it for you. Br Magnus
  11. I would go for the place that gets Most sun. I would go for 1 then. But I guess it has to do with your climate as well.
  12. Mexican pings in constant high humidity and temperature tends to skip dormancy and flower less. Br Magnus
  13. Phytosanitary certificate or plant passport is not really troublesome or expensive if you are än importer and wholesaler importing plants by thousands. So dont expect that any deal that Will benefit the Commercial plant business Will benefit the hobby as well. Br Magnus
  14. Nobody can know for sure. However, importing from countries outside EU to EU requires a phytosanitary certificate, not plant passport. So that is a likelly outcome. What uk government put as restrictions on export is really even harder to guess. I heard that they require plant passport today. So worst case scenario is plant passport and phytosanitary certificate. That Will for sure kill all hobby related trades. Lets hope they can come up with a better solution. Br Magnus