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  1. Looking for lights designed for potheads is the best way for success. The customers have high demand in light quality and are very aware of costs. Most of our cps are sun lovers. Very few of them would dislike strong light. The problem with strong light could be temperature as some strong lights get really hot. At least the model Mars hydro i use (sp250) is performing very well in both light and heat.
  2. Copper is good at stopping slugs. At least the ones I have in my garden dont ever cross copper. So I have put old copper pipes around my crop garden. I dont have a bog, but i imagine it makes no difference.
  3. Wow!! I want to know more about the big tank. What are the Environment like and how do you keep it?
  4. The pings were rooted in 50/50 peat/växer. They were all sold after, so no long term experience. Br Magnus
  5. Tropfrog


    Sarracenias are temperate species and dont do very well in living room conditions. In the long run they Will die if not given the neccesary dormancy. Put them outside, problem solved.
  6. I get so inspired by this! In 4 years I Will have more plants than can fit in my greenhouse. Really need to start planning. Thanks for the inspiration.
  7. Hmm, I like miniatures. Then I can keep many species in my small awailable space. Small pinguicula and utricularia inside. Outside I have more space, so there I go wild on sarracenias. I guess the conclusion is that the Most satisfying plants to grow is the Ones you can give needed space and correct Environment. Too many plants in a too small space or wrong Environment does not thrive. Plants that do not thrive are not as exiting as the Ones that do.
  8. I have read that they respond bad to fast changes. Slow changes is better. Mine have been in the tomatoes greenhouse during the hot and dry part of the summer. Lots of dew. Br Magnus
  9. They do Good in living room conditions. What is that normally? 35-50??
  10. Mine are branded as fractal design. But any computer fan Will do fine. Br Magnus
  11. That is so individual given tank size, dimentions, local climate, light etc. Something we all need to experiment with until we find a solution that works best for us. My final solution is a bit high etc, but works for me: Small fans circulating internally 12 hours during the day. The tank has passive ventilation low front to roof, not enough for my tank in summer with my misting. And a little too much in the winter. So I put a quite strong fan in the top to push air backwards when needing, creating a quite dynamic air flow. That fan is on a humidostat and Only runs when humidity is too high. Good luck with your build.
  12. Could it be springtails? If so, no harm for your plants. Br Magnus
  13. Do concider the difficulties to measure humidity. Double check with more than one device. 30 is low and not for certain a correct measurement.
  14. I second argo. As long as the plant is sacrificed to the test and not the fish it is not a big deal. Maybe I try once I have an excess of sarracenias to sacrifice. My collection is quite small at the moment. Br Magnus