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  1. RobH

    Sundew with no dew

    I just took a look at my plants which are outside. We can get down to about -5 Celsius, occasionally lower, but snow is rare. Many of the leaves are blackened from the frost which is to be expected. Those that are not blackened are not showing any dew because the plant is essentially resting in the colder weather. Based on previous experience, they will revive quickly in the Spring, so it may simply be your plant is resting for the winter. Looking at your photo, your plant looks healthier than mine because of my blackened leaves! I don't think you have anything to worry about at present. Just keep it ticking over, not too wet but humid, and move it back outside as soon as is practical to take advantage of the lengthening daylight and temperatures. Rob
  2. RobH

    Sundew with no dew

    I don't know how cold winter is with you, but D. capensis is frost hardy although it will get knocked back by frost and then regrow in the Spring. Only thing is I would not trust it in really cold weather outside. Rob
  3. RobH

    Sundew with no dew

    It is Drosera capensis and normally easy to grow. I agree with Nepenthesman it looks like it needs more light but otherwise it does not look too bad. Any chance of putting it on a windowsill in good light? Rob
  4. RobH

    Sundew with no dew

    What species of sundew or what does the label say? Any chance of a photo? These would help us give you a good answer as some species take a winter dormancy period. Rob
  5. RobH

    Western Australia 2018

    Really nice informative pictures of the plants and their natural habitats. Thanks for sharing. Rob
  6. Some nice pictures there . Any chance of some captions to tell us exactly what they are please? Rob
  7. @Richard Bunn Yesterday (Tuesday 11 December) I made 2 posts to the forum in the Sales and Wants UK Section. Both as far as I remember in 'Looking for Tuberous Drosera Seeds' They were both posted and were there visible last night. This morning (Wednesday) both of my posts have disappeared. I am a new forum member and have made 4 posts since the forum 'problems' over the weekend. I know my profile said I had made 4 posts as I checked last night. This morning my profile says I have made just 2 posts highlighting the fact 2 of my posts yesterday have disappeared. Also yesterday, Matt Cob re-posted his long list of drosera seeds which was lost with the weekend forum problems. He made 2 threads and then deleted one as it was a dulpicate. I know this for a fact because I was studying his lists yesterday. Again this morning (Wednesday) his drosera seed list has disappeared. I have no idea if other posts have disappeared since yesterday, but clearly there is still a serious problem with new posts and replies not showing up in the forum. Rob
  8. I think it should be said anybody who registered on this forum after mid September will need to re-register unless the backups can be produced. I registered originally after mid-September and have had to re-register since the forum told me my username was not recognised. Rob