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  1. Hi Catalin It definitely looks like Drosera capensis. As Tropfrog says, they are very forgiving but tend to go to sleep over the winter months or at least lose some of their lower leaves which will go brown. Don't split the plants at this time of year or repot them, only when they start growing strongly in the Spring. You really want to try and give them some direct sunlight if at all possible and definitely only rainwater which you should keep shallow at this stage (1 - 2 cm) - just enough to keep the soil slightly damp on the top. You can put them outside on a balcony or window ledge to catch the sun if practical, but preferably do not allow them to be frosted although they should survive light frosting. Do not expect new growth until the spring. Good luck! Kind regards, Rob
  2. Sorry, I don't have a bog garden so I will let somebody answer that who has one ! Rob
  3. Do you mean a bit like this A Rather Large Slug Sure they will damage your plants if given a chance. Try to keep them out of your greenhouse. I am no expert on slug deterrents but you can try something like slug pellets, coffee grounds, a prickly barrier, a beer trap or recycled wool waste pellets. Kind regards, Rob
  4. Not necessary, but it won't do any harm so long as you do NOT let the plants themselves dry out. You will find the tray and maybe the water goes green after a while with algae growing on it. Rinse out and clean the tray when this happens unless you don't mind it looking all green! In any event, the water will probably all evaporate fairly quickly in warm weather. Do make sure you only use rainwater in the tray though. Kind regards, Rob
  5. I agree with Ada. Very high quality plants sent, well packed, so very happy with them and Killian. Kind regards, Rob
  6. Without knowing what treatment you used for spider mite, I doubt anything available to the amateur grower would kill spider mite whatever the package says - at least that has always been my experience. Since you said a bog (big) garden, could some of the external damage be caused by slugs or snails? The large brown pitcher damage on pic 4 would be caused by a too big or juicy a catch or something like a wasp rasping its way out of the pitcher. You often get those towards the end of the season when the pitchers fill up. If you think the damage is a pest of some description try a spray like BugClear. It won't damage the plants and should kill most pests. Again, it could simply be sooty mould as others have suggested and there is little you can do about that except keeping a good airflow around the plants. Kind regards, Rob
  7. I am sure there must be some US nurseries selling the seeds. Look around and contact one or two to ask. Rob
  8. RobH

    Spots on Sarracenia

    Cut off any dead pitchers and the upper part of pitchers which are dead/infected but I would suggest leaving any pitcher which is greenish even if it has the spots on it since you say they no longer appear to be spreading. Rob
  9. Howard, that would be fascinating for a separate post on the sculpture itself and I am sure people would be interested. I would be especially as my sister lives in Cambridge, not so far from that already somewhat infamous new "Dutch" roundabout , so that cannot be a million miles away from you. Unfortunately, visits to the UK from me at the moment are not practical with the Covid-19 situation. Kind regards, Rob
  10. Thanks for the Smithy pics Howard. That must have been a fascinating exercise to witness and watch. Always so interesting to see a master craftsmen at work, especially creating something as different and unique as a Sarracenia sculpture. Thanks again, Rob
  11. Wow!! Love the bog garden and especially that sculpture as a focal point in the garden. It really is the icing on the cake! Did you create the sculpture or was it commissioned? Be interested to know how it was constructed as I think it is brilliant! Kind regards, Rob
  12. RobH

    Spots on Sarracenia

    Could it be fungal spots from being too hot and humid and little air circulation with the current weather? Just a guess. If you have any plants outside, are they suffering with the same spots? Rob
  13. Spray the plant with an insecticide like BugClear Ultra to kill the aphids. That spray will not harm the plant. Kind regards, Rob
  14. The bags do say suitable for aquarium so it should be good for CPs. Make sure it is silica sand and I should certainly wash it and finish with a rainwater wash before using to be safe. If you have a TDS meter then suggest checking after you have done your final wash. Total Dissolved Solids should be between 10 and 20 ppm after giving it a good wash. TDS meters can be bought cheaply on Amazon if you do not have one (£10 - £15). Rob