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  1. Hello everyone! I don't know if any of you remember me but I started posting on this and similar websites (e.g. terraforums) at the young age of 12, almost 10 years ago! I'm now 20 years old and studying Plant Science at the University of Manchester. Still having a keen interest in carnivorous plants, I have fortunately managed to convince my supervisor to allow me to study nutrient uptake in Dionaea muscipula for my final year dissertation. To put it simply, I want to find out exactly why they experience stress and die in high nutrient soils - what is it that makes them sensitive? My theo
  2. Those sarracenia seedlings look very promising. Nice
  3. I quite like it, reminds me of when you marble paper.
  4. Lovely photographs - your plants are great! :) Thanks for sharing ;)
  5. Beauitful almost regal looking sarracenia :) Lovely Suzy!
  6. What a fantastic habitat! I particularly loved the individual photo of the D.rotundifolia - the colours are beautiful. Thanks for sharing
  7. I have a plant growing in my bog, I must say I do like them.
  8. That last one is absolutely awesome. It's evident why it's called 'vigorous'!
  9. Gently plant them up in peat. Simple Congrats!
  10. As said above; Water the poor thing!!!
  11. If it's on all the traps then looks like we may have another new cultivar on our hands!
  12. Astounding plants, Marston Clone or not! Wow Good luck finding the correct one!
  13. Spray provado on the aphids or just squish them with your finger gently. They'll cause damage to your plant so leaves will be deformed. As for the webbing, somebody else will have to advise you on that.
  14. Wow, check out the focus on the mossy stuff. Good lucking finding it's identity!