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  1. Thanks! I noticed this morning that a couple pitchers are starting to dry out... Their color has changed too and I recall seeing this occur with the others that have dried. Perhaps I should water more frequently? I watered again last night, 180ml. I have since removed the pots, given them a couple hours of direct light for a few days. I haven't gotten the chance to put them back out in full sun since Wednesday since I was gone in the afternoon and not able to place them back in the shade during the hottest part of the day. I will have to rearrange things in our backyard/ patio soon to ge
  2. Thank you, Mujinamo! I'm in the Bay Area, I remember seeing something about the next meeting being in Oakland. Are you part of an organization? What CPs have done well with you? Do you grow outdoors??
  3. Partisangardener, those ceramic pots are absolutely stunning! Not to mention the array of CPs you have grown in them. Are these your own creations? I would love to learn the technique or at least tips about creating something of the like! Ceramics was my favorite class in high school. I've been wanting to get back into the art for a while now, but never really had a use for so many bowls. Now I've learned I can incorporate two of my loves! Again, those pieces are gorgeous and even though I cannot read a word of German, I will continue checking out your thread to see their progress!
  4. Hi deansgreenarmy! Yay! Same with you! Still in the process acclimating my new additions, from one Genus to having 5 Genera in a matter of a week, yet always excited to expand. It's interesting learning the specifics of each plant. What's your favorite so far?
  5. Thanks for the reply, partisangardener! You've given me hope. Was there anything specific that you did to help them along the way? I have been told to cover them to increase humidity and others have said not to due to potential for fungus growth. What do you think? They have been free standing for 2 weeks now and I've only watered once since repotting bc they're in a mostly shaded area. I didn't want too much moisture within the soil while I acclimate them. Also what's your preferred watering method? Top or tray watering? And if top water, right around the plant or around the circumf
  6. Thanks, tatter! Glad to be amongst those who love CPs! My appreciation of them has grown immensely. I hope to continue adding and creating an impressive collection from here on!
  7. I think you're referring to the linked words. I have no idea how that happened. I noticed it when I posted, not sure how to change that. I'll try figuring it out!
  8. I'm not sure what you're referring to Karsty... I was told on another forum that an easy way to share images is using Imgur. These are my own photos of my plants since it will not accept me directly uploading from my phone gallery unless I edit it to a smaller size. No harm or I'll intent was meant.
  9. Hello all! I recently purchased a couple Cephalotus clumps that were shipped bareroot. None of the pitchers have opened and I can hardly tell if any of the previous growth is still growing. I have read they do take a while so I was interested in your opinion about how they're doing and if there's anything I can improve on.Today marks two weeks since I potted these little guys. I used a mixture of peat, silica sand, and perlite. Made it pretty gritty, then topped off with sand. I top watered them a few days ago, with about 90mL each pot, barely any water hit the drip tray.They stay outside with
  10. Karsty, I think spraying the pitchers did more harm than help like you said. Lol. There's this discoloration and I'm guessing it's mold. Ugh. Maybe it just really needs more sunlight based on your input if humidity doesn't matter so much. I also think I want to put it outside near my other plants. Those get a nice breeze helping the media dry out. Plus who doesn't want to be around good company?
  11. Well Karsty, I've gotten some input on my post on FTC that it looks like a N. ventrata. You can check it out of you'd like, here's the link: Based on that information, I figured it would be okay where I placed it. I'm not sure if it was due to the repot (09/22) or lacking humidity, but I have 3 leaves beginning to pitcher. Still waiting on them to grow, I spray all the pitchers both morning and evening. I also added water in the dish right after taking the photo, it's just raised enough that it doesn't just soak
  12. Thanks for the info, Karsty! What do you think my Sarracenia might be? Pretty neat that you were able to gather such information about your VFTs, and also getting another member to conduct a little experiment. My hardiness zone is considered 10a and I've read they're good to go outside 24/7. At least for Dionaea, the Sarrs should fare okay too, especially after your statement that they can tolerate extremely cold weather. As for my Cephalotus, it seems that my location is only 2 degre
  13. Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone! Quite excited to see where these plants take me! Kinda anxious about my first dormancy, I've read a decent amount tho. Are you mostly outdoor or indoor growers? Keith, that's awesome you're making one! Once I get a better handle on how these grow and learn what they like, I will hopefully tackle a project myself!
  14. Hi everyone! My CP interest was sparked this past summer when I saw VFTs at my local Sprouts. I decided to save one and within a week, I got another! I am now a proud grower of 6 different VFT typicals, a bunch of Drosera capensis sprouts (they germinated less than 2 weeks ago), a couple Sarracenia purpurea (?), three baby clumps of Cephalotus, and a Nepenthes. I have been on the FTC forums, but since I have diversified into other Genera, I figured it would be good to be a part of other forums. I'm excited to learn more about these peculiar plants and discuss them with fel