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  1. Hello, it's a seed grow plant, S. Joana x LW.
  2. Hello, as I am in south of France now I don't use pure granitic sand as growing media, it's to hot here for this. I use pure peat .
  3. Wahou! What a nice sarracenia, have you got any spare from this one?
  4. 122310572_10214281092004472_7476157815627118611_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 2 22282083_10214281112324980_2034286327114033368_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 3 22281555_10214281107164851_8979341112517058381_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 4 22279853_10214281117565111_4705495137940233761_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 5 22279721_10214281094724540_6285228022487532070_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 6 22279677_10214281118925145_6272963155229253087_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /> 7 22228502_10214281093404507_8945827465771143859_n by Guilom01, sur Flickr" /&g
  5. Thanks! Yes where I live I have hundreds hours of sun each months, it help a lot.
  6. It's a good year for the plants, lots of sun here.
  7. I have don't found Cerbere at Carniflora.... Black pearl comes from Plantev Minutissimum comes from Laurent Duthion Tiger teeth comes from Plantev.
  8. guillaume

    Is it normal?

    have you got pics please?
  9. Precisely, why make fakes? Lucien has created some very nice cultivars but from time to time there is something that slips away. Why? He never explained it and whenever a suspicion was made, he never tried to explain what was going on. It's already happened, it's not like it's the first time. It is not for me that I react, it is for everyone I believe. No one here wants to be surrounded. And it's also to try everyone has to be rigorous in the selections. So yes it's boring, it's long, not super horny but it's the way to get to have in our collection of beautiful plants, different from each o
  10. werewolf seedlings are always amazing, nice selection!
  11. werewolf seedlings are always amazing, nice selection!