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  1. Hy Daniel! Very,very nice Pictures! That`s why i love the drosera universe Waiting for more. Jens
  2. Thank you for Feedback. @Carlos : I sent you entire pics. @ Cas : It was a opportune moment @ Fernando : The tuberous species is D. auriculata. D.collinsiae `Faryland`is grown from seed,i have it from a good source, but of course it could be a hybrid....
  3. Drosera 02.10.2008 Have to assort a lot of pics, some shots here D. graomogolensis D. scorpioides D. lasiantha D. admirabilis - false vivipary ´ D. collinsiae "Faryland" D. rosulata D. whittakeri ssp. aberrans D. spec `Cuba`
  4. Beautiful sunny weather - here are some pictures of this month. -love the big flower, diameter 4,5cm - Overview sundews growing outdoors Jens
  5. Hy Daniel, very nice, special the last one!
  6. Howdy! Some mixed snapshots from the last time,hope you enjoy. Jens
  7. JensH


    various dorsera
  8. [/url] Plants i grow from Gemmae,labeled as follows, 1 year old left: D. scorpioides "Gidgegannup" right: D. scorpioides "large" Flower from today: Regards, Jens
  9. Thanks for your contributions! @griso : I insert another macrantha-picture @Fernando: You´re right, but I promise next year meristocaulis will be a healthfully beauty ;-)
  10. Winter - but some drosera pictures / yesterday Merry Christmas, Jens
  11. drosera brevifolia drosera x snyderi drosera natalensis / drosera dielsiana drosera kaieteurensis drosera spec. Pretty Rosette (S.A.) drosera nidiformis drosera x nagamotoi drosera binata, Waihohonu, Desert Road, NZ drosera peltata ssp auriculata drosera paradoxa drosera burmannii, `Humpty Doo` drosera spec 11,`Cuba` drosera spatulata
  12. A few pictures of the last weeks D.ordensis D. burmannii D. spatulata "Beenak,Vic D. venusta D. "coccicaulis" D. spatulata`HK[/b] D. spec. SA 1 D. binata,Blackheath,Blue Mountains D.montana var. tomentosa`Mucuge` D. schizandra D. peltata var foliosa D.oreopodion D.spatulata`Taiwan[/b] D.intermedia`Brazil ?very short flower stalk D. occidentalis ssp.australis D. nitidula x occidentalis young D. affinis D. hamiltonii
  13. You`re right Iggy, Sorry for this big Ones. Jens
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