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  1. ok, thanks of your help. if return this problem i will change peat on pot and peat moss
  2. then the problem is fertilized of peat, that created phytotoxic problem. right?
  3. it is very difficult, i made six great sphagnum bog with base only perlite, for floats on water
  4. my neighbors have many fruit trees and before of great rain of this month have used a lot substances, my roof is high as the trees, can be when i collected first rain have a high concentration of this substances?
  5. baltischer weisstorf but I have repotting almost all plants with this peat. i use rain water that levy by eaves , can rain have fertiliser?
  6. when i transferred dionaea in another saucer with another peat or with live sphagnum but the disease continued. i not understand because hit only one saucer on six that i have change peat
  7. it is one month that one on two day rain, maybe the problem is greenhouse on polycarbonate? but last year i not had this problem
  8. I have a very serious problem with my dionaea, 10-15 plants are sick or dead: this "rot" attack in middle the leafs and go up at last kill the rhizome, the problem began when i changed peat, and i have transfered the plants in my greenhouse, after 5 days some plants of one saucer begin the problem, i changed peat and transfered outside, and now almost all the plants on this saucer are sick also if they are on live sfagnum or are dead. i not understand why, grew dionea in different types, but never saw this sick. i grow in 1-2cm of perlite,2-3cm of peat and perlite, 1-2cm of only peat. i did treatments for antifungal and anti rot but are useless. someone can help me?
  9. if is not interested at seeds of nepenthes cross, I can be interested John I love grow nepenthes hybrids by seeds I contacted alber because my pods was not arrived, he reply that is on mountain to find new seeds. I take always pods from Alipe but they are hybrid not pure species
  10. Chimico85


  11. thank you, unfortunately the plant begin to dry more leafs , I give water all days because there is not saucer, I will try to increase the humidity. I thought that plant was more easy but it is hard (maybe is the clone more delicate)
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