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  1. I heard from someone that all current available clones are supposedly male. Is there any truth in that or is is just hearsay? The chap himself didn't know for sure so I thought I'd ask here. I ask because I was thinking about getting a pair and hoping with a lot of luck to get a breeding pair going.
  2. with some of the storms I have been wondering if I'd take a lightning strike there but no, my room is right above the kitchen and it's usually the warmest in the house
  3. I recommend N. truncata, N, fusca and N. bokorensis, I grow all of these on my windowsill maxima is another worth a try. if you can get truncata going then a robcantleyi, though expensive makes a fine, sturdy addition to any collection. it will keep soldiering on through fair weather and foul alike.
  4. Aside from the fact it isn't what you wanted it is quite a nice looking plan there dimi though I'm afraid I don't have a clue what it is
  5. This is why I don't trust eBay, too many con artists out there
  6. I reckon truncata and it's close cousin robcantleyi are easily the most tolerant plants in the genus, in my experience robcantleyi even outdoes the bombproof x ventrata for sheer tenacity. it's the only nep on my windowsill that keeps growing all year round, I only just got a truncata but it looks to be following its cousin's nature pretty well.
  7. well I'm a coffee believer as it were, my fusca was looking rather miserable, growing slowly and not pitchering, one blast of coffee a few months ago got it going and it hasn't stopped since it just produced this:
  8. bit of an update on the robcantleyi front: I've had the plant for nearly 10 months now and it has proved it's self a slow but relentless grower, putting out leaf after pitcher after leaf after pitcher. it was the only nep I have that never missed a beat over winter when everything else slowed right down.it's just opened it's latest pitcher a day or two ago shot from above: and another of it's newest pitcher
  9. haha as to the question of the thread, mealworms are AOK in my books, though they are a bit big for smaller plants so I tend to favour bloodworms crumbled into the pitchers instead.
  10. I for one really advocate coffee as a fertiliser for nepenthes- it's worked wonders for a tricksy fusca I have so go for it!
  11. I've had good results previously with my x ventrata and coffee but I was wary of trying with a less "bombproof" plant. definitely glad I did though.
  12. and they say the govt. isnt corrupt...by who's standards? russias? burmas? I don't see the point in prohibition, I really don't. it just criminalises whole segments of the population for no good reason. people like heroin addicts are to be pitied, not abused and incarcerated.
  13. I wouldn't fancy such a heavy mix as 50:50 peat perlite for nepenthes. For me It needs to be lighter than that ideally.
  14. a loose mix of orchid bark and perlite and milled sphagnum. I buy it ready mixed from south west carnivorous plants it works well for me but I've always wanted to try live sphag