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  1. Does any one know of a resource that describes the various cultivars of vfts? I have used the photofinder but many look very similar to the untrained eye and that's without taking in to account the varying angles, distances and lack of scale in some of the photos. I appreciate that there will be variations even in a single variety but an idea of what they should look like would be a massive help. Thank you!
  2. Top quality plants, well worth the money. Thanks Mort!

  3. Top quality plants, well worth the money. Thanks Mort!

  4. On what I've read I'd be tempted to assume that a caterpillar has been trapped, as Fred said, and attempted to create a home (the web) but been digested in the process. So the black things would be caterpillar droppings and possibly it's head. This would also explain the hole. That's my layman's opinion. On that basis I wouldn't be too worried and follow Bob's comments.
  5. As I recall, providing that you don't go into 'dead wood' (brown/no leaves) it should be okay. they will only shoot from 'dead wood' if there is a growing point beyond. (I hope that makes some kind of sense :? )
  6. It's one of my smallest to be honest, I've not seen this plant over 8 inches in diameter if that's of any use. (may well be the conditions but they sound similar to yours)
  7. I may have some rooted cuttings of a garden centre nep I believe to be Ventricosa x inermis in a short while. I've never given it special treatment and have been growing it for several years. I have distributed a few cuttings to friends who have had no problems (some who seem to have better looking plants than mine!).
  8. try something similar to your potted plants, something like 2-3 inches otherwise you'll be in danger of them being far too wet.
  9. The quick answer is they don't, the trigger hairs detect whether there is live prey in the trap so assuming they do close from heavy showers, they will reopen again when there is no movement from inside the trap. I have several in minibogs and they're fine, a little slow to get growing in spring but nothing terminal. :)
  10. tom4499, I bought a plant which might be what you have, labelled hookeriana, 'furry' leaves. turned out to be something like fusca x maxima. I'm not overly familiar with hookeriana tho', I have one but, only for about a year. The hybrid is tall like a ventrata (unlike the hookeriana which is still a rosette) and I treat it the same as my ventrata and pitchers well. You could start an ID request post with photos.
  11. HI Jim, Are these still available? My mother loves these plants. Cheers
  12. It looks a little on the dry side to me, mine are usually standing in water and haven't complained yet. (not that I'm expecting them to put it in writing ;-) )
  13. Nice plants but I wouldn't think Darlingtonia is in the same league as Helis, but that's me and helis for you :-( The only problems I have with Darlingtonia are aphids at least it was
  14. My money's on either humidity or acclimatisation. I bought one last year and tried it on the windowsill, no new leaves pitchered. I've since moved it to an open glass tank to just raise the humidity a little and it's started pitchering again. But as I haven't had it that long, it could have been adjusting to its surroundings.