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  1. Hi,  Macieji,

    I'm interested in Heliamphora parva extramely hairy. Is it available?


  2. Hi Maciej,

    do oyu have some Heliamphora for spare at the moment?

    Best Regards,


  3. It's possible but it can be as well H. heterodoxa x minor. The H. heterodoxa x nutans clone I own tends to produce much bigger nectar spoons. Also, I wouldn't put much faith in labelling of supermarket plants. I remember getting couple years ago H. heterodoxa x nutans from Matt Soper. At some point it ended up being virtually identical to my H. x midoxa plant. So which plant is valid and which isn't? Guess we'll never know. Pictures for comparison:
  4. In next couple comments I'll add pictures from late 2018 and 2019 which were posted on Facebook but not here - shame on me! :) Heliamphora elongata "Flat lid" (Karaurin Tepui) M. Schach clone Not showing her true potential yet (not that this is a heterophyllous species) but the golden hue inside of the pitchers is the thing that always draws my attention. Heliamphora nutans "Giant clone" (Roraimita) A. Wistuba clone Very nice and robust grower but it clearly bears some H. glabra introgression which can be seen by the lid shape and glabrous inner surface of the pitchers. Heliamphora spec. Yuruani Tepui B Quite a mysterious clone / species / hybrid which looks like H. nutans but the H. nutans we know from Yuruani Tepui are completely different plants - much shorter and stouter. Unfortunately I have no further data on this clone. Does it really come from Yuruani?
  5. Hello everyone and sorry for not providing any new pictures of my plants - hope I'll do an update soon. Meanwhile I'd like to wish you Merry Christmas and all the best in 2020!
  6. From what I understand and people are saying it's targeted at ALL plants and seeds.
  7. Hello, Anyone heard about new regulations on plant trade that came to life on December 14th? From my understanding this prohibits any internet sales/trades of plants between EU countries and even within those countries without so called plant passports. And such passports are going to be impossible to obtain for non-professional growers. Here are some links:
  8. Hi Maciej,

    I am interested in buyingseeds of Roridula dentata.

    Do you have available?



  9. Hopefully it's going to work from now on. Thank you for your effort!
  10. There's something wrong again as I'm not receiving notification e-mails.
  11. I would like to introduce you to a great plant - probably one of the best H. minor var. minor clones out there. I love its' colour, the lid, and most of all - extremely short inner hair giving plant the appearance as if it was created of some delicate and exclusive cloth. The name "Velvet" feels about right here :) I'm sure my plant has still much potential to reveal. Heliamphora minor var. minor "Velvet" (Cerro la Luna)
  12. Couple shots of H. folliculata (Murosipan Tepui) - good looking species but growing mostly horizontally for me which I don't appreciate very much as it occupies too much space in terraria :)
  13. My Pogonia plants look mediocre comparing to this! Extraordinary! Do you treat them the same way as Sarracenia?