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  1. I wish this was stable...It looks great! Maybe self-pollinating this plant could make a similar looking more stable offspring?
  2. CompostWolf


    Very unique teeth imo! They remind me of a snail's eyestalks. I hope this cultivar makes it to the US!
  3. I like it too! I hope to buy it one day lol.
  4. wow, the red one is awesome! finally an all-red version of this mutation :)
  5. Great cross! It looks very nice!
  6. It's beautiful! Cant wait to see it grow!
  7. Ah. I've seen dimitar's older "Big Donk" post now. I was thinking of a different plant.
  8. Very nice ceph. Is this the Northcliffe seedgrown, or a different one?
  9. Wow. This vft looks great!
  10. Right?! I think if this was named "frankenstein" it would make a nice trio with 'Dracula' and 'Werewolf' I like "critters' as well!
  11. Very nice! It looks "halloween-ish" to me, like a stitched mouth or some other kind of monster.
  12. I think I have seen pictures of the "Umgekrempelt" cultivar before ( I browsed this forum a bit before registering). I also found out about "Angelwings" and "Moon Traps" a little after I posted on another forum in march about my MD Buttcheeks find. Since I wasn't familiar with the "inverted trap" shape I almost didn't buy it. I was nervous the shape would not be a stable trait maybe because it was due to pests or bad conditions lol.
  13. Lol. It is actually my most vigorous grower despite the inability to eat. It has made 4 rhizome divisions in the past 5 months. I love freaky mutants so here's my 2 cents on them: Large and colorful VFTs are very nice. I like them a lot as well. But I sort of see a limit with "regular" flytraps. Some have bigger or smaller teeth, some are more red, some less red, Some varieties get huge and some stay average size. But mutants are fun. I want to see what the phenotypic possibility with the dionaea species is. I love Tricherfalle, Schuppenstiel, Fuzzy tooth, Cupped trap, triton, louchapates, buttcheeks, angelwings, moon traps, wacky traps, korrigans, etc. I want to see just how weird of a mutant it is possible to create. Maybe try to breed red color into them. I guess at the end of the day these guys are unique and stick out among my other vfts. I also could see a new person who wants to get started in the hobby wanting to grow a huge flytrap, with good color, menacing teeth....actually able to trap flys lol. But i don't think we should just destroy all the mutants, im sure there are other growers how like a nice assortment of weirdos in there collection.