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  1. Very disappointing service from the David. Initially i told him the plants arrived 90% of them were dead and even 2 missing plants and no bonus plants which he promised, he requested for images which i did immediately snapped and showed him the evidence even the very expensive cultivar dioaea montecore which cost 50euro, arrived all black and was barely over 2cm. My question to him would be how hardy does he think baby plants are? My reply from him was rather good which was that he would compensate me by sending the plants again or refunding and his excuse for not sending bonus plants were some other plants which i ordered so wtf?. Afterwhich he told me he would get back to me on June, after repeated emails to him, still no replies. Finally in august* 4months after the initial accident, he quoted me his business condition which reads: I understand my customers, they pay for quality products, they expect them for their money. I do my best for my customers, but they do not receive expect quality. Complaint - you can initiate complaint in your country, I can initiate complaint in my country. My delivery company is responsible for impeccable transport in European union, If the your post office was received and transported consignment, it is the responsibility of this institution. I can not file a complaint with your institution. This situation is unsolvable for me in that sense. I have 3 options: refund money (question is why and how my work, loss and damage will be compensated), I can agree with the client on any compromise or I can strictly folow my business conditions (Carnivoria is not responsible for any loss or damage during delivery.) The client opens the paypal dispute and will wait for the decision to be made here. To make matters worst, i told him i would send him the phytocert back so that he could send them to me again which he agreed and i did sent him the cert which he received. And now this is the kind of reply i get from him. Basically his business rules states that he would not be responsible for all his plants death on arrival because he would insist they were healthy when sent. In other words, he as a seller would not take responsibility for any kind of plant death. Of course sellers like him should not be responsible if accidents that happen internally within the country such as confiscation or even the delivery man damaging the plants. However, this was not the case for me and he did not want to take any responsibility for 90% of the dead plants which costed over 400euros. I would like to apologise for siding David initially because my first order from him was fantastic, however the second time, it was the complete opposite, pretty inconsistent seller huh?. Conclusion: You are risking yourself if you order from this seller, its either surprisingly good or the complete opposite. I have other stories to share from my friends from this website as well and majority of the threads made for this website is rather negative. If anyone who would like to order from euro countries for other alternatives like christian klein etcetera.
  2. ham

    Why do pinguicula leaves curl at the edges?

    ive read an article before and it is something about preventing the digestive dews from dripping away from the leaves
  3. ham

    Dionaea summer problems.

    Hello, some of my plants have such infections too, they seems to come when the plants are kept too wet, i guess it happens in the summer because it is humid and it encourages the growth of such fungus. I sprayed some fungicide on my plants and it seemed to have killed the infection
  4. Ill share my experience with canivoria, the first time i ordered i had to wait 3months to get my plants, communication was probably the worst, he sometimes takes weeks to months to even reply my email. After months my parcel finally was sent, and he sent me some bonus plants, all the plants i received was in multiple quantities or quadriples, not what i was expecting, dionaeas was pretty small just as described. I was extremely satisfied in my first order so i proceeded to make a 2nd order months ago. Even till today all the plants are doing well. This time my 2nd order David was quick to reply, emails took within hours which was not i expected, though he said he would sent the plant on this particular date, he did not and i had to kept email and asking him when he would sent the parcel. For this order i made sure to use expressmail like my last order, to prevent casualties and to receive healthy plants. The parcel was sent from 28 , i received it 6days later which was about the same as before my first order. Finally after a very exciting 1 and a half month wait i finally got my parcel, i made huge order as i was expecting just as great plants as my first order. Parcel arrived and i quickly tore open the parcel, opened up and saw the plants, all my pinguicula have rot except for 1 species, i ordered over 10 species, over half of my droseras have rotted, dionaea arrived and most was alive but the most expensive cultivar arrived black. I was expecting 2 dionaeas since the first order i made all came with 2 small plants, however this time it was just 1 of each, fine i guess since it was stated however it wasnt consistent or perhaps it was just my wishful thinking of receiving 2. I was told to get bonus plants but got non , i was missing 2 plants as well. David's reply to this was his bonus plant was some pinguiculas and dionaea, which isnt the case since they are the plants i ordered, i guess he got confused or forgotten because i made an order over 20 plants...Non of the plants look as healthy as the first time, now 3 of the dionaeas which is a total of 100euros are dying, the only healthy plant the arrived was pinguicula alpina and couple dionaeas. I cant blame David for this as well as it could be my countries weather being warm and the plants may not have liked the sudden increase in temps since its spring in czech and i live in the tropics... After day 1, pinguicula alpina, the sole survival or ping looks good, 4 of the dionaeas worth 130euro, dead. This is so saddening, i paid 400euros but only 4 plants out of over 20 arrived was healthy, dionaea fire mouth, dionaea little darling and pinguicula alpina, drosera ordensis, im guessing the rest of the plants who arrived looking bad but did not will die in also rot in couple days as well. I emailed David regarding this immediately, he replied to ask for more photo evidence and plants that arrived dead and would refund, so i did email him now i am waiting for his response. Edit: David said he would refund the money, but i chose to have him resend the plant during the summer, like before. He seems like quite a trustworthy dealer atleast for me, cant say the same for everyone else as there are couple negative feeds above, just that he is forgetful, or that he is dealing with too many customers all by himself.
  5. ham

    Some nepenthes

    It is a hybrid between n.ventricosa and ampullaria
  6. ham

    Hardy sp in unheated greeenhouse

    Pinguicula primuliflora can stand quite a lot of heat. Many of the complex petiaris sundews can stand a lot of heat and love a lot of light as well.
  7. ham

    Deep/small growth point

    Hello, i have a couple of vfts and they grow slow...I noticed it is because their growing point is so small...The plant itself is growing but the growth point appears to be really small and hidden beneath all the light and medium. Does anyone have any idea why some vfts have this problem? My plants are now growing kinda slow so i try to uproot the plant and bring their growth point to the top but it is still very small and covered by the leaf
  8. ham

    Dionaea summer problems.

    My area temperatures also soars about 30 degree celcius, i grow them in dried sphagnum moss with great success, perhaps if u have dried sphagnum try potting them up in it and see if theres any help
  9. ham

    Please Help, my drosera is dying

    Based on the pic i would say a lack of humidity. Try increasing the temperature and put the plant in box or something with some holes on the top
  10. ham

    pinguicula accuminata care

    Thanks for the replies, i already bought powdered caco3 and gypsum from my local nursery but it was too late for my ping.gypsicola and accuminata, i made the fatal mistake of adding powdered lime... T_T
  11. ham

    pinguicula accuminata care

    Wasnt aware of that, i thought it was calcium carbonate in powdered form :V
  12. ham

    Nepenthes leaf decay

    keep temperatures above 25 degree celcius and humidity above 80%, they should grow and pitcher nicely. Low temperatures and humidity will cause the lowlanders to shrivel up
  13. ham

    Sphangnum peat vs sphagnum moss

    Sorry maybe because english is not my mother tongue, i was curious which medium the dionaea grows faster and likes i dont really get all replies above Also, i live in the tropics so my growing condition is totally different from countries who experience the 4 seasons. I do not give my plants dormancy and if they decide to go dormant, i leave them as it is and they return after a few months in temperatures of 25-33 degree celcius
  14. ham

    Sphangnum peat vs sphagnum moss

    I see, but i find it rather peculiar that many are still growing dionaeas in pieat mixes rather than sphagnum. I myself have a lot success growing them in just dried sphagnum though i cant really comment much in growing them from peat. However i have a friend who tried growing them in peat/sand mixes and it did not end will for her i think the sandy soil will only compress much easily if it is always left dry, with constant overhead water im sure it wouldnt compress
  15. ham

    Sphangnum peat vs sphagnum moss

    Why do you say that?