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  1. pygo

    Pom pom mirror

    You are one of my best friend but how do you know that this plant is on facebook? open your mind and live with your time
  2. pygo

    Pom pom mirror

    Hey Lucien my very old friend,you have Facebook ?
  3. pygo

    Pom pom mirror

    One of my seedgrown selected mirror want to be a pom pom
  4. pygo


    Loakesy> not carnivorous Aaaaaah Lucien my friend,how are you? I was worried about you because you didn't criticate my plants since longtime but now im reassured you are fine XD
  5. pygo


    Thanks ^^ 1,5 years old
  6. pygo


    Thanks for your comment This 3 plants come from 3 differents seeds from the same batch of free pollination seeds My growing conditions are the same for all of my Dionaea,full sun,peat and polystyrene Update,the climbing continue
  7. pygo


    Hi all It's not a real cross between Dionaea and Drosera but look like I have 3 different clones from 2015 free pollination Macro shots of the first plant
  8. pygo

    The monster

    Thanks ^^ All traps are deformed and the next leaves are more crested Another trap in summer
  9. pygo

    The monster

    I dont know because it still not open Evolution and an old trap
  10. pygo

    The monster

    Hi all, Just to show you my strangest homemade Dionaea
  11. pygo


    Very strange plants from my seeds It produce few typical traps and multiple type of strange traps with different characteristics
  12. pygo

    Another seedling

    Hi all, Another plant of my selection The whole plant
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