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  1. I used to grow them in baskets or bark, but here just couldn't keep up with the dryness. I have no means of cooling them down, in summer they are in the balcany (coolest area) and winter inside but it's hot over here, just last week we had temps of over 30ºC. Can't have them all ...
  2. Thanks. They are in full sun all day long.
  3. Never thought of using the microwave for killing the fungus, it's a good idea.
  4. Agree. I have plenty of boggs spread around, some in pots others made on the ground and the plants seem to really enjoy it, though some of the picthers get more "damaged" due to weather conditions and birds, they appear to be much stronger and resistent.
  5. Could you please help me identifying these sarras (this is just the beginning , I got them over 10yrs back from members here in the forum. For some reason appears yellow, but it is actually plae green, very tall tubes but small pitchers Thank you.
  6. Whilst in the UK, most of my orchids came from burnham nurseries, but now with postage is very expensive.
  7. Just amazing, congratulations! I do have some orchids, not many now, since I moved about 7 yrs ago, no longer have the right conditions for them and many died. I do have one bulbophyllum rothschildianum, but after 9 yrs never flowered and not looking good, think may loose it this yr with the current heat wave. My problem is lack of humidity Do have an oncidium like yours and many others, also dendrobiums, cattleyas and laelias. Those do well over here.
  8. Maria

    Hello all!

    Welcome, you do have lovely plants.
  9. Gorgeous plants, just love their setups, especially the little pinguicula tray, so nice.
  10. Lovely greenhouse. You can also include pics of your orchids whilst you are at it ! Couldn't help noticing the vanda and you have some cattleyas / laelias?
  11. What about coelogyne frimbiata? I have some spare if you want.
  12. Fantastic idea. Very original. Congrats
  13. Amazing plants. The utricularias have stunning colours.
  14. All these pictures from visits makes me wish I lived in California.
  15. Nice pics, incredible where the plants grow. Amazing location...
  16. Absolutely, even though something may be functional and pratical, if it isn't appealing then it is no good and needs replacing. ...and women are always right...
  17. You have some amazing droseras. Nice collection. Lovely pictures. I certainly enjoyed them.
  18. Thank you for posting and sharing with us what you saw. It must have been amazing. Stunning place and pictures. Such a diversity...
  19. Truly amazing plants. Keep up the obvious good work. Congrats.
  20. Fantastic pictures and plants. Thank you for sharing.
  21. Beautiful droseras, some uncommon (at least to me), will add them to my wish list. Excelent condition.
  22. What a beautiful flower. I had never seen it before! Congrats.
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