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  1. Hello, as I want to add my homepage I took some pictures in the last time. Some of them I would like to show you... D. falconeri 'Palmerston' D. dilatato-petiolaris 'Nhulunbuy' D. lanata 'Lotus Glen, Mareeba, North Queensland' two different plants of one sowing... D. broomensis '19km S of Derby, Kimberley, WA' D. ordensis 'Mirama' three different plants which differ in colouration... D. darwinensis 'Cox Peninsular, NT' D. aff. ordensis 'south of Kingston Rest, Kimberley' D. aff. brevicornis 'Mount Five' D. aff. brevicornis 'Theda, Kimberley, WA' D. aff. brevicornis 'Prince Regent River, Kimberley' 1.D. aff. fulva-like but minature plants '70 km NE of Pine Creek, N.T.' D. kenneallyi ‘N.T. form, ant-mound region, Fog Bay, Northern Territory’ Best regards, Matthias
  2. I am not 100 percent sure whether your plant goes into dormancy or not. The leaves of my plants are completly dry. I would keep the plant not too wet (but not dry) and watch how the plant react to this. Normally the beginning of dormancy of my plants is November/December as the temperatures fall a bit in this time. The first leaf flush I can notice in April/May . But there are also some exception which goes in dormancy without cause whenever they want to. Best regards, Matthias
  3. Hi Willy, due to the high evaporation rate in consequence of high temperatures and runnings fans I have to water my plants every other day. Best regards, Matthias
  4. Sorry, but all my plants have already finished dormancy and produce leaves. So I can't show you a plant which is completly in dormancy. Here is a photo of D. falconeri 'Wangi' which I took last weekend. I hope it helps... Best regards Matthias
  5. Thank you for your kind words! The leaves of D. falconeri die completly back when it goes into dormancy as the plants outlive the dry period in a bulb. I keep my plants only slightly damp in this time. After several month they start to produce new leaves. Best regards, Matthias
  6. Hi Greg, hi Willy, I ordered the terraria without upper glass plate. I fixed the fluorescent bulbs on a coated wooden board. The control gears are outside the tanks to avoid too high temperatures. Between the wooden board are distance pieces (3-4mm) to provide a good air circulation. I use LUCKY REPTIL TERRA FANS which runs day round for more than 2 years now without any problems. Here two photos... The pattern keep some space between the terrarium ground and the fibrous web. I water only so much to fill the space. So the fibrous web is permanently damp but the plants do not stay in water tray. Some species go in dormancy (D. ordensis, D. brevicornis, D. spec. Mandorah and D. derbyensis and D. falconeri). When D. falconeri or D. spec. Mandorah go into dormancy I place them on another pattern to provide not too wet conditions. Apart of that I don't change the conditions. I don't use a heater in the winter as the terraria are placed in the boiler room. The temperatures decrease a bit in winter (day: 30 degrees, night: 18-20 degrees). The photoperiod is about 14 hours. Best regards, Matthias
  7. Hello, here are some pictures of my Petiolaris setup. I have two tanks with a size of 100x60x50 and 130x60x60cm. As lights I use 4x54W for the large terrarium and 4x 39W for the smaller one. On the ground I placed patterns (which normally were used to cover fluorescent bulbs) covered with fibrous web so that the plants are not permently in water tray. For a good air circulation I placed two fans in each tank. As exterior facing I used an insulation which is covered with aluminium. Due to the lights the day temperatures are around 35-37 degrees and fall to 23 degrees in the night. The humidity ranges between 50 to70%. I cultivate my plants in a mix of peat, perlite and two sizes of quartz sand. I covered the suface also with quartz sand (1-3mm) to avoid slime. I fertilize my plants every 2-3 weeks with leaf fertilizer. First some photos of the smaller terrarium in which I cultivate my large plants... Here is a photo of the large terrarium in which I cultivate my seedlings... Best regards, Matthias
  8. Hello, today I took some pictures of my petiolaris drosera. I hope you like them... D. aff. lanata 'Flying Fox' D. aff. lanata 'Flying Fox' other plant D. aff. ordensis 'Theda Station' D. broomenis '19km S of Derby, Kimberley' D. broomensis 'Nimalaica Claypan Lake region, near Broome, Kimberley' D. broomensis 'Barred Creek, Kimberley' D. broomensis '4-mile, east of Broome, Kimberley, W.A.' D. broomensis ‘N of Taylors Lagoon, Kimberley, W.A.’ D.broomensis “'turn-off to Taylors Lagoon, east of Broome, Kimberley, Western Australia D. derbyensis 'Yampi Peninsular' D. derbyensis ‘Winjana, Kimberley, W. A.’ Best regards, Matthias
  9. Here are some new photos of today... D. brevicornis 'Edith Falls' seedling sowed in the beginning of 2009 D. brevicornis 'NT' going into dormancy D. ordensis 'east of Kununurra, Kimberley' seedling sowed in May '09 D. ordensis 'east of Kununurra, Kimberley' another plant D. spec. Mandorah Best regards, Matthias
  10. Hi, thank you for the kind words. most of my plants go in different times in dormancy. At the moment some D. derbyensis and D. ordensis go dormant whereas other plants of the same species begin to grow. I really don't know if this plant is an natural hybrid or a true species but you are right D. kenneallyi or falconeri may be a part if it's a hybrid. I don't know the exact history of this species. Lowrie discover this Drosera in Mandorah and describe it as a plant in style of a small D. kenneallyi. My plants are ca. 4-5 cm in diameter. Best regards, Matthias
  11. Hello, I wish you all the best in 2010! I would like to share some photos with you which I took in the last time. D. spec. Mandorah D. spec. Mandorah other plant D. aff. ordensis 'Kingston Rest' D. aff. ordensis 'South of Kingston Rest' D. ordensis 'Mirama' D. aff. lanata 'Flying Fox' D. falconeri 'Charlotte River' D. dilatato-petiolaris 'Nhulunbuy, NT' D. aff. ordensis 'Theda Station' D. aff. ordensis'Theda Station' other plant D. ordensis narrow leaf 'Beverly Springs'' D. paradoxa 'Charlotte River' D. darwinensis 'NT' D. darwinensis 'NT' pink flower Best regards, Matthias
  12. Hello, I want to show you some pics which I took today. I hope you like them... D. brevicornis 'NT form' D. aff. lanata 'Flying Fox' D. falconeri 'Charlotte River' D. ordensis 'Hidden Valley' D. aff. ordensis 'Kingston Rest' Best regards, Matthias
  13. Hallo, I want to show you some pics which I took today. I hope you like them... D. brevicornis 'NT form' D. aff. lanata 'Flying Fox' D. falconeri 'Charlotte River' D. ordensis 'Hidden Valley' D. aff. ordensis 'Kingston Rest' Best regards, Matthias
  14. Hello, I want to show some photos of my Petriolaris Drosera. I sowed them in November/December and they have a size of ca. 3-4cm in diameter. It is always a pleasure the look at them... D. aff. ordensis 'Theda Station' another plants D. aff. ordensis 'Theda Station' which shows an other colour variation D. ordensis 'Mirama' D. aff. lanata 'Flying fox' D. derbyensis 'Beverly Springs' Best regards, Matthias
  15. Dear Eric, very nice plants! It's quite amazing how variable these plants are. I only have plants with greenish leaves that looks like a hybrid of P. longifolia x grandiflora for me but for the others I'm not sure. Cheers, Matthias