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  1. ampullaria ‘red speckled’: Brunei – Ásia ventricosa bicalcarata ‘orange’: Brunei – Ásia
  2. Utricularia minutíssima spec.: Guatemala laueana ‘Crimson Red Flower’ neps. ampullaria x? ampularia ‘red’
  3. Genlisea hispidula schizandra Drosera x fontinalis. Grão Mogol, MG. indica paradoxa occidentalis x pulchella madagascariensis
  4. Hello some Pinguicula have possession. the new leaf deteriorates. water: I put over the vase, of 2 in 2 days. substratum: polishes and moss. they are inside of house, under artificial light. they are beside the window in front of a door, to receive ventilation. pictures: that didn't get to recover:
  5. Thank you Daniel, for the information. she has 04 millimeters of length and of width he/she has 02 millimeters. it was really very difficult to photograph. happiness
  6. does anybody explain to me as getting seeds of her? and an U.graminifolia.
  7. indica: Hsinchu-Taiwan Binata emarginata ‘red leaf’ esseriana Aldrovanda vesiculosa Utricularia graminifolia
  8. viking x trichocarpa bicalcarata ‘red flush’ bicalcarata ‘orange’ ampullaria ‘red speckled’ splendiana x (spectabilis x veitchii) affinis natalensis: Chimanimani Mts., Zimbabwe, South Africa
  9. in another place we also found that aquatic utricularia. does anybody have hunch of which utricularia those are??? A source of economy of the city. for who likes of the fruit, is in the sky. landscapes, ornamental plants of the places where we passed. Somebody will take an a shower. hehehe
  10. Population of D. capillaris: Iguape - Sp There was vary droseras submerged, demonstrating plenty health about the conditions of the place. In this same one local, there was those utricularias. Then we stopped at another place and we found one more population of D. capillaris
  11. Hello excuse, I don't know how to translate well. I, André Fabri and Geraldo Hollenders, we left in search of pcs, for the area of Santos - SP. We found 04 population of D. capillaris, typical drosera of coast. We found also some utricularias, for you to say on his scientific name. Date: 13/08/2010 Population of D. capillaris: Itanhaém - Sp in the place there were thousands of Droseras. Population of D. capillaris: Miracatu - Sp The droseras, grew in sphagnum and another moss type.
  12. Hello those plants, it is exposed in the direct sun, of the 8 the 16 hours. thank you.
  13. D. burmannii D. burmannii 'red': Humpty Doo – Australia D. sessilifolia: Chapada dos Veadeiros - GO D. regia D. capensis 'drawf plant' U. erectiflora U. graminifolia
  14. Hello friend, when will send my letter, I want with registration. to know where she is (to track). in I await of the payment instructions. thank you.