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  1. I always loved Japanese culture and this video just make me love it more and more. I cannot really see how this can be considered child labour or lack of individuality,this is what primary school should do. I find it useless to learn math,poetry and others in small childrens if they don't learn to respect each other,respect the environment and respect every civic aspect..this is education as it's best. Sometimes it happens to hear that japanese are all "robots" lacking of individuality..well that's obviusly craps,i found them to be a well organized society where everybody is aware of being part of something bigger and cooperate for a common purpose..well that's the idea i got from outside:) I really hope to visit Japan someday,nice video:) Luca Ps. sorry for necroposting,i just saw when this was posted
  2. Welcome to the forum and to Italy too,if you need any information about italian forums and growers feel free to contact me:) Luca
  3. It's 2sq meter,i used to water by hand and i really enjoy it but i will be at home 2 days a week next year so that's needed:) Luca
  4. Hi guys,i'm planning to build an automatic irrigation for my terrarium but my knowledge in this matter is poor. My idea is very simple,a pump (with a timer) in a barrel and a 5mm pipe going trough the pots (with a couple of holes for every pot),do you think that drippers are needed? i have to water 15 pots with every pumps (2 pumps for 2 watering zone),do you think i'll have a problem with the different pressure in the first and the last hole? Please share any suggestion:) Luca
  5. Luca B.

    My Disa Orchids

    Wonderfull plants here! :) Do you know where is it possible to buy Disa here in EU? Luca
  6. I never looked at Bulbophyllum,my bad it's such a fantastic genus! I'll surely go for it,many thanks for your help guys:) Luca
  7. Hi guys,i'd like to put some miniature orchids in my intermediate/HL terrarium but i cannot find any species that will fit my conditions. I have: SUMMER: Day 28 Night 20 (Tmax 29) Humidity 65% WINTER Day 21° Night 12 (Tmin 10°) Humidity 70% LIGHTS LEVEL 1-13k Lux I was looking for Aerangis and Angraecum but i read that they're intermediate/lowland and prefer minimun temps below 15°. Any suggestion? Luca
  8. Dan i understand your feelings but i don't really get the point. If i sell something i'm free to choose the buyer,maybe someone arrived before you,or simply as manders said, payed before you. Even if he choose only upon liking there's nothing to complain about,it's in his freedom as a private seller.
  9. That's an interesting subject,does it means that one day all divisions of the same in clone will slowly begin to expire? Or when a division form and get divided from motherplants it's a "new life" so it's age starts from zero? Luca
  10. There are also some nice forum about specific species,for example -Highland nepenthes group -Lowland nepenethes group -White pitcher plants -Flava pitcher plants -Tuberous drosera and many many other,there are also some trading boards I don't own any of those pages,they're really very active..take a look Luca
  11. That's not a consumer problem,if you have plants that look crap i cannot understand why i should buy it. A greengrocers with crap vegetables will throw them away as none will buy it,or at least will put a good discount on them,i cannot see the difference. We surely don't live in a perfect world but we have some good rules,one of them is that when you buy something that you cannot physically choose you should be able to see a photo of it and if what you recive isn't what you bought than you can have your money back. I cannot see why rules that are applied to every online shop are not valid for online CP vendor. There's only a name for selling crap plants insted of the healthy and good looking ones on your website and it's fraud. That said mine is only a general speach,i never had any problem with any online nurcery,the only times i recived crappy plants i got a fast refund,but it'll surely be better to see what you're actually buying,maybe asking for a photo before the payment,so the vendor doesn't need to upload loads of pic on his website Luca
  12. That's surely the most amazing thing i've seen on youtube so far. Fantastic! I don't know how people in NZ have taken the association NZ=Middle earth that's going on for publicity purpose,but it's surely a great example of marketing Luca
  13. Hi i bought this plant as D. erythrorhiza var erythrorhiza but someone suggested that it's not what i thought as erythrorhiza doesnt have "a prominently raised midrib",what do you think?
  14. Hi Paul,really many thanks for all those information,i have a couple of questions that i'll ask via PM,again many thanks:) Luca
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