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  1. Thanks. I was leaning towards glass. Need to save a few extra quid now. I'm sure its the right way to go though. Mark
  2. Thank you. I'll do a bit more research, I'm lucky enough to have some time before committing. Mark
  3. Hi All, I'm looking into getting a greenhouse and have found that polycarbonate is a great deal cheaper than glass. My only concerns are what effect it has on sarracenia, and does it fade to a less clear state,causing it to allow less light. Would I be better off going traditional and having glass? Mark.
  4. I've had several plants from Nigel. Always nice strong plants. His customer service is top notch too. Mark
  5. I have a few flower stalks forming. Just watched the weather, they're saying freezing temperatures tomorrow,but at least the sun will be making a welcome change from what we've been getting. Spring feels close.
  6. Thanks mate, It never occurred to me to think of the weather they would get in Florida. I need to get my head round how tough these plants are. Mark
  7. Hi all, This is my first winter keeping sarracenia, which I house in a polytunnel. The weather down here in East Sussex has been very mild,with only a couple of gentle frosts . How does a mild winter affect the plants? Does day length also contribute to their dormancy? If we get a late cold snap,will early growth need protection, or can they just be left to get on with it? Mark.
  8. Would be great if you could post lots of piccies for those of us that can't make it. Thanks. Mark.
  9. It will be a while before I get a chance to try it. I will let you know what happens. Thanks for the reply. Mark
  10. I've only recently started keeping carnivores,they're fascinating.
  11. Spotted this drosera intermedia already catching prey with only one leaf. My first time posting a picture,hope it's worked ok.
  12. Hi all, Can sarracenia seedling pitchers be fertilized by using a foliar spray. I have read that they don't like nutrients around the roots,so I was wondering if a dilute from of worm tea in spray form would be ok. The tea is derived from soaking a bag of worm castings in water,aerating it with a fish tank air stone,or stirring.The liquid is then dissolved in water 1 part tea to 10 parts water.Maybe diluted even further for sarracenia. Worm castings are very good for starting vegetable seedlings as they don't burn young roots like other fertilisers,there are other benefits too,such as beneficial bacteria and natural fungicides. I plan on using it on some seedlings as a trial,if any of you have already tried it,what were the results. Mark
  13. They're both very nice, I like the sharper definition on the darker one.
  14. Hi all, I have grown chillies for a number of years, starting super hot varieties around Xmas under gro lux lights to extend their season. I'm not bothering with mental varieties this year,so I have a grow box sitting idle. I was thinking of using it to start some sarracenia seedlings in. The lights are the closest I could find that simulate sunshine, and they keep the temp in the box around 26 degrees.It stays fairly humid but still has good air flow. As I'm new to this, do you think this would give my seedlings a nice head start,as ive read they can do without dormancy in their first year,or should I just wait and let nature take its course. Any advice gratefully received. Mark