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  1. Carnivine

    new leucopylla clone

    Very nice. Do you have any for sale by any chance?
  2. Carnivine

    Hello from the midlands

    Welcome to CPUK Omako.
  3. Carnivine

    Hello from Cornwall

    Do you have any contact details for John Jerrard?
  4. Carnivine

    Open day, 13th of October, 2018, 9 to 2.30 pm

    Hoping to get over. 2.30pm is an early finish so hopefully will be there before lunchtime.
  5. Carnivine

    CPUK Site Outage August 2018

    Well done Richard for continually being on their back in order to sort out THEIR issues.
  6. Carnivine

    Hi All

    Welcome to CPUK
  7. Carnivine


    Hello Hayley, welcome to CPUK.
  8. Carnivine

    Selenecerius grandiflora

    I also grow this plant and when it flowered for me one night, the fragrance in the greenhouse was fantastic. Only lasts for one night though.
  9. Carnivine

    Vitax Irish peat

    Im using Erin Irish moss peat. Has anyone tried that, and if so, how did it go?
  10. Has anyone used Erin Irish Moss Peat?
  11. I have a few Sarracenia that have rather unfortunately got a bad dose of mealy bug in the roots. Years ago I grew cacti and the best way to treat root mealy bugs on cactiwas to submerge the roots into a bowl of methylated spirits, let them dry and then re-pot. Is this treatment safe to use on Sarracenias? If not, what is the best way to treat this?
  12. Carnivine

    Linuxman's photos 2018

    I'm still waiting for my first Sarracenia flower to open, plenty in bud but no flowers as yet.
  13. Carnivine

    Nursery address

    "Just not trying"? Apparently, I'm very trying! Thanks for the info though :)
  14. Does anyone know the website or address of Chris Crows nursery in Oakhampton?