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  1. I hope to show some nice photos with you soon, as some plants have to pick some colors. Good growing! Best Regards, Nico
  2. Hi all, Some photos of my Sarracenia hope you like it! let's start: For Ada:
  3. Just a question: How can I add the Carnivorous plants Web Ring?
  4. This is mine: link My blog is online since 21 January of this year, I hope to update it very soon with firsts Sarracenia pitchers :)
  5. Hi Guillaume, thanks for sharing. I have a question about Sarracenia seedlings: I noticed that just germinated seedlings die if they can not pierce the substrate (50/50 peat/perlite), for example when it encourtes a piece of perlite. Do you noticed same with your Sarracenia seedlings? What is your germination ratio with your medium? thank you.
  6. Ciao Damiano, Welcome aboard!
  7. Welcome aboard! I see your Cephalotus on Davide's group on Facebook. very good ones! Glad to see you here. Best Regards Nico
  8. I think I will do it without problems! If my working day will consist only in do this, and is paid good, I'll do it!
  9. I know Paolo! thank you again for this cross