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  1. I thought about that because I have changed light bulbs recently! I wonder if it would also be the reason why leaves on my glabrata were turning brown on the edges. Thanks for sharing that info! It would be a real relief if it was not actually anything more than 'too much' light.
  2. Hi All, I have been having issues with pests in my terrarium. I thought I had it finally under control when I noticed leaves on certain plants develop brown spots and edges wilting. I have been treating with Provado again since I noticed. Oddly, only certain plants are affected. Can anyone shed some light on what this is, and possibly how to sort it out? Thanks!!
  3. Hi Karsty, Thanks for that :) I am still undecided but I think I might just stick with what I know for my large tank but I have two small ones that I want to set up. I will sacrifice a few poor souls for lighting experiments for those and see how the grow.
  4. Hi All :) It has been a long while since my last post on here so hello everyone :) I had to give away my collection when I moved to the UK but have slowly started to accumulate plants again. It took me a while to get used to the different growing conditions here but fingers crossed, I seem to have cracked it. I have always used T5's for lighting and had good success with these in the past but I am wondering what everyone is using these days since I have been out of the loop for so long. LED's were still really expensive then but they seem to have come down in price considerably. I am just not too keen on the red light. I currently have a supplemental strip by the window over my D. regia and was recently asked by a concerned block associate just what am I growing there? I really do like T5's but they generate a lot of heat. I have a small 6 tube fitting over my 3ft tank and it gets quite hot, even with cooling. I have read that CFL run cooler but not sure how effective those are? I am expanding my growing area and would be interested to know what everyone uses for their setups. Looking forward to get stuck in again!
  5. We have one of those boys. Don't we?

  6. Herewith admitting to my secret GOT addiction but he's too good not to share.

  7. A dose of cute to get the day started.

  8. If I last 3 minutes I am damn well chuffed with myself!!

  9. Keep it ventilated, with fans, and the smell should ware off after a while. I used Aquarium silicone in my terrarium, with no ill affects on plants of any kind. I don't remember the exact type, just that it was meant for aquariums. I used both black, clear and white, depending on which application I needed. I have a fan running and the doors open during the day to allow for ventilation. Glad to hear that your plants did not seem to mind the fumes. The ones that are currently in there seem to do well also. So, in a few days, I will put the others in the tank as well. Nice looking setup BTW. I like the little spotlight on the 'main character'. It must be something special. Thanks Tatter. I keep it well ventilated. I guess I just have to be a little more patient.
  10. Yes it's that vinegary smell. It's particularly nasty when it's being applied. Brought tears to my eyes lol. I did rinse the background briefly when I thought it had cured. I think I might just give it another rinse and see if that gets rid of the fumes. I am just hoping that I was not sent old stuff which will not cure properly.
  11. Hi Tatter, I have used HA6 marine standard silicone because it does not contain any oils or toxins.
  12. I recently finished my new highland terrarium. It was quite a labour intensive project but I am about to put the last finishing touches on it. Finally get to grow again! What I am worried about is the fumes that I get from the silicone I have used to create the background and props. The project has been curing for the past week but still smells quite strongly of silicone if I keep the doors closed for a while. I have put a few of my neps inside but I am not sure if the fumes are toxic for the plants so I am reluctant to put the remainder in it, too. I have googled this without much success. Does anyone have experience with this and knows whether it is safe to put plants in it while the silicone is still curing?
  13. 22-04-16 So excited to have been on with Zena at last (yay) and the fantabulous evening crew!! I wish my hubby had watched the show though instead of going out to town with the boys because I missed out on some serious bargains!

  14. How true is this??

  15. A touch of awesomeness to spice up my work day. Happy Wednesday everyone :D

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