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  1. Hello everyone...I,m new on here and everyone seems very particular Tom, who actuall was kind enough to donate some plants, and lives near me..very generous person. I,m still on the lookout for more plants, cuttings or seeds..I,m not a collector where I have to have the rarest ones, just have a soft spot for Nepenthes and wanting to enlarge my collection. If anyone has anything moderately priced please let me know? Thanks for your time cheers Steve
  2. Thank you, sorry its taken a while to reply...looks like someone living nearby can help, but I appreciate your offer..I,m really glad I joined this forum, very helpful people:))
  3. Thanks,..I guess they are of the bio dome type from Borneo exotics...What Id like to try is raising some cuttings , if anyone has any Neps that are vining and they need to prune them..I already have some Neps from Matt an HCP..hes really helpful and a nice guy..:)
  4. Hi, I,m new on here, and I would like to get some more Nepenthes to add to my small collection..looking for cuttings or low cost plants to buy. Thanks Steve