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  1. Hi Mark, I realise this was about 3 years ago. I'm in Oxfordshire too and I'm looking to source Melcourt GrowBark, where do you reckon is best to pick some up?
  2. Also, VFT is a temperate plant, it needs to stay outside in the sun and needs cold to go dormant in the winter
  3. You should only really mix plants that require the same living conditions, light, humidity, winter dormancy etc.
  4. Hello everyone, As somebody who would like to take on the fascinating world of Terraria for keeping carnivorous plants, I lurked the forums for a while to absorb as much as I could from such a great knowledge base. In terms of lighting, while there are definitely great products out there which deliver impressive PPFD numbers, for me, it is important to keep my hobby sustainable and as cheap as I can. I had so many questions about cheap lighting for my plants: are they garbage, could I actually grow with them...? Being a scientist by profession, I thought I would like to tr
  5. Interested in this also... I've read previously that CP enjoy cooler white lights, in the 6000k range but I'm hoping someone with more experience can chime in
  6. Thanks again, forgot to mention that I would take my babies out to feed on some weekends or I would find victims in my garden and feed them to the plants once in a while.
  7. Thanks for your reply Rogier. Unfortunately I have no South facing Windows. I only have East or West facing, both of which receive only about 3 or so hours of direct light due to obstruction by other buildings, do you reckon these are enough light even with the cloudy weather, at least for now during the summer season? So my understanding is the cool shed should be ok for the Sarracenia and VFTs and perhaps even the Pinguicula under the lights while the Neps need to be kept warm in the house on the window sill? I think the Sundews wouldn't mind either? Should I maybe construct a te
  8. Hello comrades, I have rescued a mix of plants from the garden centre recently, varieties listed later. I would like my new babies to grow to their best potential. I understand from the forums and experience that outdoor natural light is the best in terms of light delivery and plant health. This was definitely true when I was growing massive Sarracenias , Cape sundews and VFTs in South Africa despite exclusively giving them (relatively soft) tap water. I now live in Oxfordshire with a West facing garden. I worry about them getting too cold (spring nights dropping to freezing, 10 during