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  1. Probably Southern Marsh orchid Dactylorhiza praetermissa (from what I can see). Clearly elongated from low light. Although I can't see all details clearly enough to be 100%. Orchid seed is like dust and can float around in the air for a very long distance. So could have come from nearby fields, or even other gardens as Dactylorhiza are not uncommon in gardens now (in which case it could be any of that group). Would have been growing there for a few years un-noticed, to have got to flowering size this year. Trev, probably not the same species as yours, as this one doesn't really grow in Ireland, although recent maps do show one location for it. But probably a related species.
  2. Or perhaps not. On closer inspection, you still get every post. But like you say issue not as bad. The default setting needs to be just seeing the topics. With changes possible if you want more. Not the other way round as currently.
  3. Cheers Yossu That is what I needed to know. I still think this should be the default setting, as I'm sure it's how most people want it. And you can use this without having to Log In, so useful for anyone just browsing the net. MUCH more user friendly than the current every single post setting.
  4. You need to remember that some of us are Dinosaurs, and don't have a clue how all this new stuff works and what it can and can't do, unless we are told / shown. Anything computer / internet related, seems to have change just for the sake of it. You spend nearly a year getting used to something and how it all works - then whoever, goes and changes everything and things that used to work no longer do and are now outdated. So you have to start all over again. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  5. Completely agree with this. Seeing every single post, especially when photo's make a post really long - is a complete pain in the A### Can something be done about this, so we can see active threads and not every post! To be honest this is putting me off of even coming on here. And I don't very often now.
  6. Phil Green

    1971 advert

    Thought some of you might like to see this old advert I've just found in a comic from 1971. Anyone actually managed to train theirs with a pencil?
  7. You need to remember, Global Warming means that the planet as a whole is getting warmer. That doesn't mean that it will get warmer everywhere and by the same amount. It wasn't called British Warming Warm air holds more water, which means there is more to fall out. Like manders said - a good match to the models. On the plus side, our water butts are full. I haven't seen any moans about lack of water for plants this year.
  8. The old ones are the best. There was always a lot more truth in that show, than politicians would like to admit in public. Plenty of fodder for a new series now Any change in any situation, always makes the financial market 'get it's nickers in a twist' - they just don't like change. Things will eventually settle down. A drop in the value of the Pound, makes imports more expensive and exports cheaper, so benefitting UK manufacturers/exporters, which being as we are still in the 'free market' (for the time being) can only be good at the moment. If events lead to a fall in house prices, that will be good for first time buyers. If interest rates have to rise, that will be good for those who have been prudent enough to have savings and who have been VERY badly treated for several years now. Whatever happens there are winners and losers. The winners rejoice and the losers complain. That's Life!
  9. So much for that EMERGENCY BUDGET which was gonna be needed and cost us all loads of money. Osborne is NOW saying the British economy is strong and BACK TRACKING on that budget. Just one of LIES fed to us by the remain camp, now exposed! People seem not to have recognised that this was a referendum, NOT an election. Those in the 'out camp' were not being elected to run this country. They could only say things that 'COULD' be done after we leave. It is still down to the Government of the day to decide what actually does happen. If the remain camp want to remain bitter and ruin this Country, just to say "I told you so", then things probably will go badly. But if every one now buries their differences, swallow their pride and work together for the best interests of THE COUNTRY, then there is no reason why things should work out well. Complaining that things didn't go 'your way' helps no one. Lets face it, more people voted to leave, than have voted in a Government, for a very long time. The win was over 50% (obviously it had to be), but it's rare in an election for the winner to get over 50% of the vote and a higher turn out than in an election! Normally more people didn't vote the government in, than did. So this is actually one of the most democratic things to happen for ages!
  10. That just shows how little you know me - so please watch the patronising. Politicians are elected by the people. You get what you vote for. Like I said earlier, that is a very selfish form of economics, which can only end badly. But for the future generations after we are all gone (or most of us).
  11. They may be tropical, But.. We have over 40 species of ants in this country (many quite scarce). Most of us only ever see (are aware)of a few. You'd need to get this species identified to know what it is and from where.
  12. I'm actually quite proud and a little surprised, that the majority of the UK population didn't cowtow to the threats and blackmail thrown against them, by the political and financial elite. For far too long the politics of fear have dominated in this Country. Hopefully politicians will take note that this tactic failed and change how they operate in future. We now have the ability to make our own laws and spend our money on our priorities. How that plays out is down to all of us. There is now an even greater incentive for people to vote, because we now can change those people in charge. We had no say (and neither did any other population in Europe) in those Eurocrats who have been serving their own interests for so long. The future is now what WE make it - for better or worse.
  13. That is quite a statement - to claim that EVERYONE agrees on something. I certainly don't. The trouble is actually too many people and too many second homes. Not a lack of house building. The big trouble is that 'western' economies are geared up to ever increasing consumption. It's not enough for companies to make a profit on their trading. They have to make increased profits year on year, or they are considered failing. The 'poverty' line is constantly moved - again reflecting ever greater consumption. GREED is good, but there is something wrong with you if you don't consume vast amounts of stuff. Consuming less is considered a recession and bad. It keeps being repeated that we need more young people, to pay for an aging population. This is a very selfish opinion and a model which in the long run is doomed to failure. Those young people will eventually be the old, requiring an even greater number of young people to support them and so on, until there is no space left. But by then the current elderly population will be gone and so they don't care - leave that problem for others to deal with! What it actually needs is a massive decline in population numbers, resulting in possible hardship for a current elderly population, but then less dependants (and a better life) for future generations. But with a self centred population, that is unlikely to happen. With the current models for Western society and economics, the world is doomed.
  14. They are a direct contributor to our rapidly increasing population. Resulting in the every increasing loss of our Countryside. Adding to the pressures on our NHS, Schools, Housing, Roads (they will mostly be driving additional cars). Their children will also add even further to those same pressures and growing up in this country, they will have the same attitudes as other kids. It's also a fact most of these immigrants tend to come from countries where it is the norm to have more children than families here. We are a small Island, yet have more people per land area than many others and this is only getting worse. Thank God I won't be here to see how bad it is by the end of this Century.
  15. Yeh, unbelievable - talk about blackmail. Vote as I tell you or I'll put your taxes up!! They must be really scared. I'm sorry, but there is no CERTANTY that our economy will be adversely affected by leaving. No one can say what the future holds. Economic forecasts are notoriously inaccurate! I really hope this blackmail tactic back fires on him. Until now, I didn't agree with him, but I had no negative feelings about him. How that has changed!
  16. Correct, it is impossible to know for sure what would have happened. The same applies to the future, so you can't say " it's doubtful ", you can say YOU doubt we'd do as well - but others can say with just as much validity, that we would probably do as well, if not better, outside the EU. Again, no one is suggesting that 'SOME' of the migrants coming from Europe aren't a benefit to this Country. But equally, 'SOME' are of no benefit and are actually a drain on our limited resources. The issue is about a CHOICE! Outside the EU we can choose who we want. Whether they are from Europe, India, America, China ........ But at the moment we have no Choice. Europe tells us that we must accept anyone and everyone from Europe who wants to come here. If everyone in Europe decided to come here next month, we could do nothing about it! Obviously they won't - BUT they could. The 'in campaign' are deliberately distorting the views of the 'out' side. It isn't an all or nothing issue - merely one of CHOICE. Britain should be the one to choose, who comes in, how OUR money is spent, what OUR laws are. Are our Politicians perfect - NO, but at least they are elected by US. If we don't like what they are doing, the country can elect to take a different direction a few years later. With Europe we have NO choice. Are the French, German, Italian and all other European Politicians going to make decisions just because it is best for Britain? Certainly not. But our Government can. Europe is too big and diverse, with different values and factors acting upon their economies, for a 'one size fits all' approach - that can only result in two options, either it is positive for some and negative for others, or of no real use to anyone. But it can never provide a perfect situation for ALL countries. Decisions that have to be approved by everyone are by default, never the best ones, just watered down versions. As others have already said, Europe is already falling apart - it was always doomed to failure, big 'empires' always do (eventually). Many other European Governments know that their own citizens are also uneasy about the directions the EU has taken and is taking. They are VERY WORRIED, because they know if Britain leaves, their own citizens will want out also. That is why they are so desperate for us to stay. No one knows for sure exactly what the future hold is we leave (nor if we stay), but lets steer our own ship, rather than have a dozen different captains from different boats all trying to do it for us!
  17. The difference is that this country will get a choice in who those immigrants are. We can make sure that only those that will benefit us due to skills shortages come in. Not just anyone looking to improve their own life, but a drain on our resources. We will also be able to stop anyone with a criminal conviction coming in. At the moment any European criminal is free to come here, because we have no rights to check on them! We are a small island, with limited resources (including land) - we can't afford to house and fund the whole of Europe and everyone else who manages to smuggle themselves into Europe. That may well be true. But so what? that has nothing to do with Europe. This country joined a Common Market to make trade across Europe easier (A good idea). But over time the agenda has changed and what we are now in, is nothing like what we joined. I used to play for a pub crib team, over time the team members changed and it was no longer the fun team I joined - I LEFT. Over the last few years, the company I worked for started to change the priorities of my job and it became less and less the wildlife managing and protecting job which I had started. So after 20 years in the job - I LEFT. This EEC is nothing like the organisation we originally joined - so it's about time we left.
  18. Surely just about everything is already being grown in this country. There can't be much (if anything) that isn't. So even if it becomes near impossible to get plants from abroad, what's the problem? You could even say, that if the flood of cheap TC plants from Europe stops, that those nurseries in this country might actually finally be able to make a decent living and cover their costs. Lets face it, prices for most plants are the same or less, than they were in the early 1980's. That applies particularly to CP's, but also for many other plants. If people are forced to BUY BRITISH, that means the money stays in this country. So potentially more people could be employed or even higher wages, so offsetting any increased costs. Lets face it, for decades we've had cheap imports driving down costs (profits) and so wages - for those that haven't been driven out of business or lost their jobs through cost cutting to try and compete with cheap imports. People seem to be conned into believing cheap imports are good for those on low incomes. But there are hidden costs in the long run, which actually lead to low incomes and unemployment.
  19. James, unfortunately there is very little 'real' protection for our environment. As we all know, new roads are constantly being built through 'protected' habitats. New housing is constantly being built, not only on our precious habitats, but also right up to their edges (which still causes damage). With the amount of people coming into this country and their future children, there is going to be a need for massive house building and the associated roads - you will be lucky if there is any wild habitat left by the time you're an old man. Locally where I am - several years ago it was decided that laying reinforced concrete slabs in the shape of a horse, was of vital importance and so warranted the damage it caused to a SSSI & SAC Chalk Grassland - this was actually the first permitted development on a SAC anywhere in Europe - the European courts did nothing about it and the eye sore is still there. I think whatever happens, our wildlife is screwed!!
  20. Very nice. It's interesting that those are all species found here in the UK - I had expected some different species. Although you certainly have more Cypripedium calceolus than us. It's especially nice to see Ophrys fuciflora (holoserica) - having spent 20 years working with it over here, it's good to see some elsewhere. The Orchis purpurea looks rather different to those I'm used to seeing, so it's again nice to see some of the variation in this species.
  21. Phil Green

    VFT Seedlings

    Post a photo. After the cotyledons, the next growth should show a tiny trap. It sounds like either your seed wasn't vft, or perhaps it's something else that has germinated and not yet your vft seed.
  22. Thanks for the info. I didn't buy a greenhouse, but I did get a pack of glass today. 12 sheets of 2ft x 2ft for £5
  23. I've just noticed that a section from the end of the first post showing the link to donate, went missing in my copying. The post has been edited now. But for those who can donate even a very small amount, here it is again. This really is a chance to make a real difference NOW. I hope you will see the importance of this as an example for the World of what CAN be done, if enough people really care to see it through! There's a PayPal 'donation' button on the SEANSRF website (which I am afraid is terribly 'out of date'!) at www.SaveNepenthes.org
  24. Further update from Shawn Well, I made it home but I'm about to pass out after 3 days of non-stop activity & heat, but I want to give you a few shots from the site to get a feel for N. suratensis... Got to admit it is a pretty nice looking plant! You can see the number of basal shoots that form on these thorelii-aggregate species. It is lucky that its the right time of year to make it very easy to be able to determine the sex of the plants when taking cuttings. And it IS a pretty photogenic site! A few cuttings trying to stay cool in the shade despite the mid-day heat; My Buddy's little brother! Okay, off to bed...finally!
  25. Update from Shawn - (Further Donations still required) First of all, I would like to say a big Thank you to all those who have contributed to this campaign! Your kind donations will enable us to try to make a difference! Here’s an update on the happenings, 30 hours after learning about the situation… After spending the afternoon on Saturday at the site making as many cuttings as I could in a downpour, I returned to the prison office and met with the officials to discuss the situation. I presented them with an A3 size copy of the first of the above photos and asked them to speak with the engineering company to request that they start work on the areas without N. suratensis first so as to allow us as much time as possible to try to preserve as much of the genetic diversity as possible. They have agreed to do so. They also showed me the areas they feel will be cleared of all vegetation and it appears the Southern (bottom colony 3 in photos) and central colony 2 portions will be totally wiped out! However, they have set aside 50 rai (about 20 acres) as a conservation area in honor of the Queen and this includes a good portion of the original first-found colony. They have been busy planting endangered tree species in many parts of the area, but I think I got the message through that the Neps will require full to bright sunlight in order to thrive. I also managed to get off letters to four of the highest ranking Scientists in the country last night, all of whom I have communicated and/or worked with in the past & present. Hopefully they will contact others to provide the necessary assistance, guidance and will-power to save this species from disappearing forever. I’ve also been in touch with the Chairman and the Scientific Focal Point of the IUCN Species Survival Commission’s Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group to inform them of what is going on. My experience taking cuttings yesterday gave me hope, as it was not too difficult to locate and make cuttings of the plants in the Southernmost section, but today saw me wading through chest-high grass in the mid-day heat trying to re-locate the central plant colony! As anyone who has visited the site can tell you, it is HOT! I didn’t have a thermometer with me but I sweated so much that my entire body was/is cramping so badly I had to pull off the road on the way to the ferry to return home so I could buy packets and bottles of electrolytes! Not to mention getting ‘tree’ed’ by an enormous boar for a few minutes! Haa, haa, haa! Seems he thought I was threatening his harem! Although it was far more difficult to locate the plants in the central zone than yesterday, in the end I managed to fill a couple large bags of both male and female cuttings. I’m hoping Trongtham will be able to join us as he GPS’ed loads of the plants with me a few years back and still has all the data points in his GPS, which would make it far easier! Next weekend the entire University research team and I will return to continue, but at least for now we have taken the first steps to preserve a bit of the genetic diversity. I’m currently on the car ferry retuning home and all my phone-to-computer cables are ‘down below’ so any pictures will have to wait until I get back to my office! In the meantime, again I’d like to thank all those who have made donations and I’ll try to keep you updated on the situation. Anyone else who is still ‘undecided’, I’d like to encourage you to join the effort, your assistance could make the difference! P.S. We have been offered some great assistance by way of a few different auctions of Nepenthes plants and cuttings with all the funds supporting this effort! I’ll post news about this as it comes together! Best wishes, Shawn
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