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I spotted this Eco Block of Coco Compact Potting Compost today in Home Bargains It makes 10L when rehydrated. I took the plunge and invested my entire pocket money for the month (69p). Has anyone tried it? Does it need any special washing?

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 Does it need any special washing?


Which country produce this?


If the product has been imported from Sri Lanka it is safe to use, cuz Sri Lanka wash the coco in river water. All other countries producing coco, wash their products  in ocean water that contains salt and burn the roots of the plants -  tested several times!


Do your homework I would suggest you.

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I think this is the one we used for some initial tests, I have used it mixed with Sphagnum moss Chopped Sarracenia pitchers and mixes and combinations with perlite and there were no fatalities.

The mixes most successful were the coir with Sphagnum mixed and as a top dressing and plants are well and healthy.

The trial plants were all of the same size small plants of S. rubra gulfensis mutant green form MK RG1 and some are now full size.

Cornish grit could be an alternative to boost the acidity and make the media part reusable.

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I clean forgot about that thread to be honest, and i suppose i should update it with my findings :oops:

But basically, i found it to be a green slime algae nightmare, as soon as i turned my back it would appear. I don't know if that was due to the high humidity and temps of my nepenthes greenhouse, but it turned nasty and so was of no use to me. We bought 10 of them at 49p each. But they haven't gone to waste, we just mix them in with multi purpose compost for general garden use.

You may find it to be ok in a cold greenhouse or outdoors.

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