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  1. I've just changed my default my search engine. Please consider making the switch too https://info.ecosia.org/what
  2. In the past 2 years, i must've accidentally dropped at least 3 young plants in the 5cm-10cm diameter range, breaking their growing tip off. Everyone of them have put out at least two branch points (although no basals) as means of a survival mechanism. I'm tempted to snip the grow tip off all young plants in future ! I'll take some photos tomorrow. Bare in mind not all nepenthes branch or basal readily. What species/hybrids are you talking about ? Ventricosa and ventricosa hybrids love sprouting branches easily.
  3. Superb ! I look forward to your future paintings. Any idea what species you're going to work on next ? And will you do requests ?
  4. I drop them in my pitchers, they think they're getting osmocote pellets
  5. Wrap the video url in the [youtube] and [/youtube] tags.
  6. Maybe it's the new tablet style theme that people don't like here.
  7. I've twice tried to grow mulu x lowii, but they both died That's a lovely specimen ! Would you say it prefers it's substrate slightly on the dry side ?
  8. Hi Tony, hope you're OK.

    Just noticed that the gallery and growlist links on your posts aren't working. They point to the current page, not your gallery or growlist. Thought you might like to know.

    Ta ra


    1. North West Neps

      North West Neps

      Ah, cheers for that, i hadn't thought of checking them under the new system. Trouble is, i can't find where to edit a sig yet, do you have any idea ? Maybe the ability to add or edit a sig hasn't been enabled yet. :rolleyes:

    2. Yossu


      Goodness knows! All different nowadays!

  9. "Have you slipped on water at a supermarket recently ? Bruised your bum slightly ? Then you need to call Claims4Nothing right now ! Despite the fact thay you're a responsible adult(?) who should have looked where they were stepping, you really should sue the scumbags and help sack an underpaid stressed out staff member for their careless watering of plants" I despise this Nanny State we live in
  10. If Rob told you it's Queen of Hearts, then it's very possible he sold you a known female. Nice one !
  11. Don't cut them off ! Otherwise you'll miss out on the intermediate and upper pitchers, which can usually be different in shape and colour, depending on the species though. Not all nepenthes put out different uppers. You're doing the right thing by supporting the vine, just use anything suitable to help support it, bamboo sticks, trellis, ties etc. Can you post a photo of the plant in question ? As for your new plant, it's still a bit early to tell, but it looks to me like it's very likely to be x ventrata, a hybrid between alata and ventricosa. This is a very common 'starter nepenthes' due to it's tolerance to less than perfect conditions and it's easyness as a windowsill plant. Happy growing !
  12. Thats a wickedly dark ventrata, but the albo shots win for me
  13. http://www.carnivorousplants.org/howto/GrowingGuides/Cephalotus.php
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