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  1. Hello Ian,
    Have you or do you perhaps know of anyone distributing Dionaea SD Kronos ?
    I have been searching a while but not luck so far.


    1. Ian Salter

      Ian Salter

      Hi Lee.

      I have never had or seen Kronos and not even sure what it looks like.

      Here is a link to my growlist   https://1drv.ms/x/s!AnXxofSgPllVjTt52S4PUuARswsP




  2. They are tough as old boots and will make more roots anyway. Ian.
  3. Yes they do grow great in pure Sphagnum but never let the tray dry out in Summer or you will find a crispy plant that will fall over.
  4. Too much saturation and lack of air flow combined with heat will stew and rot plants quicker than they can grow. Too much perlite means less water retention so the watering is more frequent. Taller pots work well as there is a ready supply of water at the roots but the crown is higher up and drier so less chance of stagnation and rotting. If you chose to stop using sand or perlite completely then you will find that when the tray dries up the pots will retain just enough moisture without suddenly going dry. Pot your plants quite loose, compaction means saturation. And finally, if the roots rot the plant will turn into one big cutting budding everywhere. Ian.
  5. Hi. What are your growing conditions like. Light levels, media etc.. Ian.
  6. If you like a plant and not many others do then it is underrated and the reverse if you don't like a popular clone. It's purely a matter of personal preference. A Drosera capers is is as worthy as and Adrian Slack clone though.
  7. It looks like we will be coming along too as we will be bringing a new Welsh bred CP obsessive ( all our fault of course). See you guys on the day.
  8. Just to let you guys know that a week Saturday that the Carnivorous Plant Society will be holding an event for the Saturday/ Sunday Aug/ 5th and 6th. Free access to CPS members (you will need proof of membership) https://www.facebook.com/events/538088016582651/?acontext={"source"%3A5%2C"page_id_source"%3A109388516211%2C"action_history"%3A[{"surface"%3A"page"%2C"mechanism"%3A"main_list"%2C"extra_data"%3A"{\"page_id\"%3A109388516211%2C\"tour_id\"%3Anull}"}]%2C"has_source"%3Atrue}
  9. we had a very good open day this year, 12 people attended, the weather was good, and I got many new plants myself. Thanks all. Ian and Dianne.
  10. I understand Andy, Mike we will keep some back for you but it will have to be reheated. Ian.
  11. Also to let you all know I have labeled over 400 plants for sale covering 200 plus clones. Ian.
  12. We are treating everyone who arrives between 10am and 11am (roughly) to a cooked Welsh breakfast. If you are intending to join us early for food then please let us know so you don't miss out. Ian and Dianne.
  13. ah ok Alexis, I only intended to do some blurb and a link and that came up and I thought coool. I didn't even know it would work like that.
  14. 12, Maes-Y-Tyra, Resolven, Neath, SA11 4NN. What details Alexis, like the address you mean?