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  1. Lithops pseudotruncatella ssp. groendrayensis. L. pseudotruncatella is the earliest Lithops to flower for me. And with flowers open A different clone with no markings
  2. Some of my seedlings. This shows a fair example but by no means all, of the diversity of markings that occur in the genus.
  3. I've had them flowering into the start of September and still had seed. I find the buds far more interesting than the flowers. Your plant looks very green. Does it get much sun?
  4. With the Conos I give a little water on a tropical January/February >5C. The same goes for LIthops optica rubra which behaves much like the winter growing Conophytum. As the plants go into a summer dormancy to regenerate I'll still give an occasional drop. Then it's a full "deluge" of water every fortnight once they break dormancy until the frosts. I grow them in unheated greenhouses.
  5. My first Cono flower of the year. For scale it's in a 6cm pot. Huge eh?
  6. A Hoverfly posing on a Delosperma. I don't regard these pollinators as prey for the carnivores. This one was a real poser though.
  7. Find yourself a good Carnivorous Plant book, put your feet up and read it. You can't glue the pitchers back on so you'll just have to apologise to the plant and beg its forgiveness.
  8. Please do not believe everything you read. If the plant does not want the pitchers they wouldn't be there. Take note of your plants, they tell you what they require. No-one cuts the pitchers off all the wild plants in mid-winter and they seem to do just fine come spring. Removing dead parts is sufficient, just to keep the plants tidy.
  9. FredG

    Dactylorhiza 2022

    An early morning shot of the "Dacti in a Hosta" a few days ago. This one is a plant I selected from the "weeds" some years ago due to it's leaf markings. It's come on quite well. It will look a lot better in the coming days
  10. FredG

    Disa 2022

    Sandra has turned up for the party. She's slightly larger flowered than Bramley and a lighter, not so electric pink. Bramley and Alice are by no means finished though.
  11. This is Stomatium loganii it's a plant that doesn't stop giving. The flowers open in the evening. These photos were taken at around 7pm.
  12. FredG

    Disa 2022

    Alice and the twins are doing fine.
  13. Less cluttered background to see the pink butterflies.
  14. FredG


    Some of the "specials" coming into season.
  15. FredG

    Dactylorhiza 2022

    "The Enchanted Forest" Otherwise known as the female sexual reproductive parts of a Liverwort. ie.Marchantia:- archegonial head on a female gametophyte.
  16. FredG

    Disa 2022

    Alice is running a close second. This one's a little shy and is facing away from the camera. There's plenty more buds for later though.
  17. Just a few random groups in a lagoon as they're looking quite good at present.
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