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  1. Thanks, I have a big D. Capensis in my seedling tray which seems to do a good job of keeping adults down, as these seedlings are newly emerged (5 weeks) I'm skipping their overwintering this year anyhow
  2. My CPs (sarracenia and Vfts) survived up to 43C in my greenhouse (not intentional, shade cloth fell off!) with no damage suffered except some slower growth for a few days, but i think daytime temperatures hit 33C most days in there this summer and all my plants have thrived
  3. I have these in my vft seedling trays and they don't seem to be posing an issue, some of the seedlings are now managing to trap them too, should I be treating these if no apparent Harm is coming to the seedlings?
  4. Hello from Norfolk! Welcome to the forum :)
  5. okay thanks! I knew the 2 headed trap wasn't pest damage, just wanted to check the others. It seems to be putting out a lot of small traps and only a few larger ones, but i think this is because it flowered earlier in the year.
  6. I discovered a 2 headed trap on my D.Muscipula "Red Piranha" the other day, and upon further inspection noticed some other odd traps, could it be pest damage partially? or is it just one of those things?
  7. I found one on my "Red piranha" this morning, already open, both traps seem fully functional too, not conjoined in the middle or anything!
  8. I managed to propogate my "great white shark" from a 13cm flower stalk but it took over 4 months to show any signs of life and died down almost to soil level, however its now doing well!
  9. This is a very long shot i know but i got this sarracenia a year ago from a garden center just labeled "sarracenia" and was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it, e.g. likeley parentage or a specific hybrid? pitchers are about 50cm tall max currently and there is now a flower stalk forming :)
  10. Very nice! How old are these seedlings? Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks for the advice, I will put them straight in once i have assembled the greenhouse..
  12. This year my vfts have been living on a sunny windowsill in my house which was less than ideal, but i have finally gotten hold of a greenhouse. average temperature in the house has been about 18-20C day and 16-18C night. However in the greenhouse, night time temps will be about 10c (50f). Will i need to acclimatize the plants or could i just transfer them straight in?. I have asked in another forum but only received one response so wanted to double check.
  13. That's very interesting thanks, I might do a trial trying 50% with this technique and just leaving the others to do their thing..
  14. I haven't quite got seeds yet, but the flowers have died back and are starting to swell and die off, so i'm expecting some in the next week or 2. My plants did come out of dormancy a little early this year so have had a slightly longer growing season. I will post updates if i have any success later this year!
  15. Sorry for the poor wording. This year I have been trying to cross pollinate my red piranha and "Dentate" Venus flytraps and should hopefully have some seeds in the next week. Will the first tiny traps have the tooth shape, colouration etc of the mature traps or will I need to wait 3 years+ to decide which are worth keeping? I am new to growing flytraps from seed and I understand that the seeds will be a genetic mix, so i will get a variety of plants from the seeds. Please correct me if any of this is inaccurate.