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  1. Thanks. Yes I am keeping the roof panels open a bit in the night and keeping the door open in the days to make sure there is enough air flow. Forgot to open the door yesterday and it went up to 28 degrees in the afternoon in the sun
  2. I have been keeping my vfts and sarracenia on a windowsill but yesterday I installed a growhouse in the garden I have moved the plants in there now but I am concerned about the humidity level. It's very wet here at the moment and the humidity in the growhouse is 89% Is this too high for my plants? Temps are currently around 13 Celsius in the day and dropping to around 7 in the night
  3. I have bagged the heli for the last few weeks and cut a hole at the top which I am gradually cutting bigger every week. Checked it today and it still has brown pitchers but there is good news.....a new pitcher has started to grow!
  4. Here is a photo it is a Heliamphora heterodoxa x ionassii
  5. Will post a photo shortly. I have also noticed some purple/dark red patches on the pitchers. What are these?
  6. We have had a lot of rain here in the UK the last few weeks so it has not had a lot of direct sunlight so not too hot
  7. Thanks guys I will get a bag put over it to increase humidity and hope for the best. Do you think leaving it sitting in water is a good idea? I hear some people say it increases the chance of root rot
  8. It is sitting in heli soil I had from Amazon which is 70% cocopeat 20% rice husks and 10% coco husk shell charcoal. I believe the husks act similar to perlite to help drainage. It sits on a south facing windowsill, unsure of exact humidity. I have it sitting in around 1cm of deionised water. Temps are usually around 20c at the moment dropping to around 15c at night. I will take a pic to upload tomorrow
  9. Over the last few weeks all of the pitchers (apart from one which looks relatively healthy) have started turning brown from the top down, some more than others Is this normal in a newly re-potted Heli? Could it just need longer to settle in? or is it bad news? Thanks
  10. Thanks. Fingers crossed it will settle in fine
  11. My Heliamphora has arrived! It came wrapped in tissue and the roots were in live sphagnum moss. I removed the moss from the roots and potted it directly into my compost mix...was it a good idea to remove the moss or won't it matter?
  12. What do you guys think of this compost? Just seen it on Amazon
  13. It is the flytrap compost from little shop of horrors... "Our mix contains Klasmann medium grade sod cut Irish moss peat and ellutriated granite sand at a ratio of 4:1."
  14. Thanks. Will flytrap compost be ok for Heliamphora?