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  1. Hi i am interested in your L9 clone

    Regards phil

  2. Today was my first visit to an open day. It was great to meet stephen, mike king and adrian from sheffield. Thanks for your hospitality and i now look forward to visiting mike in october. Cheers Phil
  3. very nice ada, the plants i got off of you are doing well. phil
  4. Yes they are the little sods they have munched other way through 70% of my seedlings. Thanks for the replies folks I really appreciate them. Phil
  5. I have a few trays of seedlings growing and noticed that they are vanishing. On closer inspection I noticed that there were some very small worm like creatures crawling about on the surface of the compost. They are clear to white in appearance. Could these little pests be eating them and if so can anyone give me advice on exterminating them. Would watering them with chess hunt compound help. They have really enjoyed my darlingtonias. Advice appreciated Phil
  6. I am thinking of buying some vft seeds off flea bay. Is it too late to sow them or should I wait until next spring. Phil
  7. Thanks for the replies folks. Much appreciated. Phil
  8. Will it be safe to leave my very small seedlings in an unheated greenhouse over winter, or should I bring them into a warmer environment? Phil
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys, already enjoying the forum. Phil
  10. HI from Barnsley, Having just restarted in the hobby I now have approx 40 different plants. I hope to learn a lot on this forum and with a bit of luck visit some nearby like minded people. Phil