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  1. Hi All I have seemed to have survived the winter without the loss of any pings.... until now. One ping (a P. x weser :? ) has started to rot. Can anyone help??? Its outer most leaves turned brown and soft. I removed these and replanted the ping in new media, but now the leaves are starting to turn brown again. The center of the plant remains healthy. While I have a leaf cutting of the plant that appears to be healthy, I would have liked to see it flower to get a positive ID! Thanks in advance...
  2. Hi All While searching the web I came across these... Envirolight. They seem to be a good option for growing under lights. Does anyone have any experience of these or any comments on their suitability for CPs? Thanks
  3. Is there an equation that can be used to calculate the amount of light (or watts) required for a given area to grow plants?
  4. Hi All I have some Drosera dichrosepala flowering at the moment. Is there a way of telling which subsp. they are? Thanks in advance.
  5. Some of my pings seem to be struggling with the low light levels in my window since some appartments were built localy and winter arrived. I've been inspired by another tread to buy a suitable bulb to grow my mexican pings under, to provide them with more light and more stable conditions. I've struggled to pull out the important information about growing mexican pings under light from other threads and would appreciate it if someone could provide a simple guide of important points or describe what works for them. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all I fancy having a go at growing either Catopsis berteroniana or Brocchinea reducta, but have no idea where to start. There are a few answers to specific questions on the forum, but I'd be interested in how people grow theirs and what to expect over the year (e.g. flowering, cutting back, etc.). Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks Loads! Sounds easy!
  8. Can anyone tell me about this plant and how they are growing it?
  9. Can you get a cheap cold frame to winter your plants in? Minors aren't much to look at over the winter, so you won't miss much.
  10. I'd like to read your FAQ. My own cuttings are coming along a treat. Any chance of an update on the plants in the pictures above?
  11. I'd wait for the whole leaf to whither, no need to cut pings back.
  12. Pitchers will colour up in the light. It might just be that the new pitchers are yet to develop their colour.
  13. I used a cold frame last winter and it worked a treat. I have found a glass one for 40 squid in the local garden centre and think I might upgrade... more room and more light.