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  1. Simon B


    I grow majority of mine in a cold greenhouse, its sound like you've already got some of the beginner plants I would have suggested. I'm very biased to vft's and all the variants.
  2. Simon B


    Hello and welcome to the forum ! as for a beginner's plant where do you plan to grow your plants ?
  3. Thank you !! The 'Coquillage' was from you last year, and on the 'Louchapates' photo a trap from the 'Charly Mandon Spotted' I got from you has crept in aswell !!!
  4. Just a few pics of some of my Dionaea I took today while pottering around the greenhouse. Fondue Lochapates Coquillage Triton Trichterfalle Fused Tooth
  5. Amazing !! Pacman is one of my wants for this year.
  6. I Will second Richard here I do like my vft oddity's and that looks a very original mutation. before it becomes a named plant do you want to sell me a division.
  7. I use a Dymo Labelmanger pnp its not a handheld needs plugging into a laptop or pc. use a cheap white on clear tape on black labels. only been using just over a year but haven't had any faded yet.
  8. Welcome to the forum !! I would class myself as a northern member but still 150 miles south of you.
  9. Welcome to the forum you'll get lots of guidance and advice from past posts or if it specific ask away !!
  10. Welcome to the forum, what part of yorkshire are you from ?
  11. CephFan you are right majority of nylock nuts are steel ! bi-metal corrosion is what I thought it was called but seems it is the same thing after looking it up. You can get aluminium nylock nuts which won't cause it but still have the nylon insert to stop the nut loosening.
  12. This may sound stupid (being an engineer) but mine isn't exactly secured to the ground !!!! its grounded by gravel all around outside and inside. (its a very small sheltered garden we also rent so cant modify much) the movement was within the structure and some how has worked the nuts loose. it was only on one side so can only think my "helper" didn't tighten the nuts properly.
  13. its a very cheap aluminium framed greenhouse it maybe in the design, and the nuts a very cheap (you get what you pay for), think nylock nuts would be better. I'm having a move around in there before spring so will replace with better nuts should help.
  14. Simon B

    The monster

    amazing. I love it. its definitely unique. are other traps on the plant like this ? I guess you wont be sure its stable yet ??