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  1. I grow them in the sun in the morning in the shade in the afternoon. It takes a lot of light to have white traps but not necessarily in the sun.
  2. Hello Dionaea "Aurora Borealis"
  3. Géant de Cephalotus Hummer Sa particularité est la veine centrale très épaisse. Géant de Cephalotus Hummer
  4. Discoverer Teddy Vayssade [Dionaea "Cthugha" [/url]
  5. lucien01700

    Deep VFTs

    ?? What do you mean
  6. tomorrow November 2nd is the day of the dead
  7. Hello Rob My cephalo are in the south in full sun on a shelf during the spring. In the evening I spray them with rainwater. In autumn the rain sprinkles them, and at the first frosts I return them to the greenhouse for dormancy. Lucien
  8. Hello Yes it is a 'Carnivore plant giant' Quite difficult to reproduce
  9. First characteristic pitfalls
  10. Dionaea "LB Wire" New A selection Lucien B. And his little
  11. Pinguicula gypsicola
  12. lucien01700

    New dionaea

    LB Red dentate(New dionaea of the year 2018)
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    Hi Fabrizio Beautiful dionées bravo
  14. Hi Lee I use 50 peat, 30% perlite and 20 fine sand for capillarity
  15. Eden black (origine JJL) Big boy Dudley watt German giant Carnivore giant Eden black (origine JJL) Pascal giant Eden black bouture
  16. Giant clam Alien Erectus Bloody nurse Mutant 1343/1 Crackers WB4 Basmati 013 Carnivoria LB fused Red micro teeth Viridis
  17. Pompom: hoping that the seeds reproduce the pompoms Cheerlaeder
  18. Open trap, we can see the two colors
  19. The name of dionée "Camouflage" already existing, although the plant no longer exists I had to change the name of my dionée. She is now called "Chimère".
  20. I confirm, it could be a red mite attack. Look at the magnifying glass if small red dots are present on the petioles.