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  1. Caro Jasmine Infatti Blanche hermine è raro e la richiesta è importante, lo riproduco con difficoltà uno all'anno a volte due per una richiesta di una ventina di persone il suo prezzo è di 100€ + 6,70€ di spedizione. Non disponibile ad oggi. Lucien
  2. Hello everyone LB T-rex nain LB Petit papillon LB Red dentate pygmy
  3. Hello I have Aurora borealis without the white traps, only one with the white traps is my mother plant. And yes I ship to Italy
  4. Red cup trap is a dionaea selected by German Stefan Lenßen Galaxy is a dionaea discovered in the stock of a Dutch garden center by the Dutchman Gert from Araflora.
  5. I have had this plant for 3 years and no white traps have appeared.
  6. Hello Lee I have a White tiger Venus flytrap, but it is not stable.
  7. Although in full sun and cold this cephalotus remains green.
  8. It may be seasonal
  9. Hello Carboni ardenti Petit papillon LB Naja Demogorgone Sinusoïdea x012A Damballa
  10. Hai messo troppa perlite nel tuo substrato
  11. this cephalotus is dead, no more ambiguity
  12. Montecore Green phalanx Pompom Demogorgone Dambala
  13. Dionaea 'Blanche hermine' Dionaea "Naja"
  14. Hello Lewis Aurora borealis is not yet available Kind Regards Lucien
  15. Hello We must wait for spring, the plants are dormant Regards Lucien
  16. Cephalotus follicularis "Boot form" Its name is due to the curved shape of the pitcher, shaped like a boot Cephalotus which grew alone without input or external purchase. The pitcher is smaller than the cultivar 'Bananito', the central veneer is narrower.
  17. Hello Lee I still have one aurora borealis available Regards Lucien
  18. Do this before January 1 before the brexiters blockade.I might not take the risk of sending plants to UK