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  1. much too small, my one-year-old seedlings are already almost the adult size ...
  2. Ridiculous size for 2 years old !
  3. Monvillea spegazzinii cristata form B
  4. Hi, 

    Could you send me photos of your cephalotus available ?




  5. We would say sowing of 2 years. Really impressive !!!
  6. Of course i can have ...
  7. Thank you. Yes exactly the same way as sarracenia
  8. No it isn't ... it's pogonia
  9. bilou68

    My peat bog

    Better quality here ... P1230375 by
  10. bilou68

    My peat bog

    Sorry for the quality of the images, it is my host of image that is not good. PM sent.
  11. I am impressed by the speed of growth !!!