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    Hi ada , unfortunately i do not have access to my account and messages in the forum , except that comment.
  2. The story began on 9-8-2020 ! I bought the plants from Harro Heidt a very nice and well known grower from Germany and he send them to me on 9-8-2020 very well packed and poted! The plants were stay to Germany until 30-9-20 DHL could not find them anywere in Germany althouth Harro did anything that he could to find the plants ! I receive them in Greece after 64 days of shipping on 13-10-2020 and all that time the cephalotus ware in dark! As you will see the plants after so many days without the light they lost all the green tissue leafs and pitchers and they produse a white new growth w
  3. I had bought many seeds from czplantslast year but I had 0% germination all the seeds ware too old to germinate even the capensis who last many years.... I contact with them no answer to my emails...I open a case in paypal and paypal did not refund me....... so do not trast this seller for enything...
  4. I can post them but I must dismantle the cooling system first unfortunately, the system is pretty much like that and the water came through this one and it go inside of the moist bottle that you see in the pictures via a plastic pipe and cool down the water , it is very simple constraction it has many videos on youtube how to make it! As soon as I have a little time I will post some nice pho
  5. I use a peltier cooler to drop the temperature when is hight at night at 15C and the day is usualy 26C
  6. My. favarite seller!Their plants are big healthy and they give alot of bonus plants!
  7. The minimum temperatures should be at list -15C to -20C...
  8. Drosera Rotundifolia natural habitant inGreece!!!! Located in a very isolated place in 1455m altitude surrounded by fir trees !The plants are found mostly in sphagnum moss bogs and occasionally alone in peat moss.The salt concetrasion is about 16-20 ppm nad the water temperature 20-24 C.Photos taken at the end of May.Unfortunaly this is the only place that I found them due to the last two places that I visit are completely destroyed by agriculture. I hope the international carnivorous society to include Greece as a habitant place for Drosera Rotundifolia. Regards, Pantelis
  9. The plants growing isolated with shell wrapper around them and not free side by side but as far as I can see this mutation appear when the plants came back from their roots due to I had adult plants last year that I grew them from seeds and I did not see somthing like that maybe I miss that as kisscool said!
  10. Two years now I did not see somthing like that maybe becouse this time plants came from their roots and this characteristic formed during this process also from the pictures that I see in web the plants with this characteristics came from their roots too.
  11. The plants are growing in greenhouse in full sun , the characteristic of this variety is the mutant flower like the pictures that I post over , but the plants that I had last year as "crested" does not mature all (the mature does not have those mutations )so Iam not sure if it is permanent or not, but I hope to be......a new variety like this it would be amazing!