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  1. Oh yes basil or chia as abi said. Triffid nurseries is very on and off with seeds, ive talked to 2 people who have brought seeds from them and they have the either great or dont germinate issues, same as me. Nothing against andy of course, good customer service. I see triffid nurseries dont list the harvest dates for vft seeds which is odd, might be old stock. Vft take a long time to grow to adulthood so youre probably better off bidding on ones you want on ebay then next june, pollinate them yourself
  2. The issue is paypal wont refund you the money as by their terms of paypal protection sown seeds count as installed products, so its easy for these chinese sellers to get away with it
  3. Vft are black teardrops, sarracenia are brown teardrops, both similar to citrus seed shapes Never never never buy seeds from china, 99% of the time theyre not what are listed or are dead seeds. The supposed vft look similar to shotgun fungi, i googled it after thinking they look like fungi edit: just started harvesting a few pods, about 1mm long, shiny, what did you receive?
  4. One friend doesnt care, another thinks theyre amazing and loves vft. Family couldnt care less apart from my mum wishing there were less flies indoors and impressed with the amount the sarracenias catch. What matters is what you think and yes, I too find most carnivorous plants a lot easier than most plants
  5. Canada, in the "tropical" part as he calls it Mine just have garden spider meetings on them. Most sarracenia pitchers are 3/4 full with flies and some have a lot of browning/holes. I'd check my dead darlingtona to see if a mass of insects killed the pitchers but I dont want to disturb the spider meetings, especially when their next stop are the vfts
  6. brad's greenhouse darlingtonia growing tips
  7. air flow in, air flow out, watch out for temperature spikes, a portable weather station is useful, splashproof heat mat and thermostat, dont forget night cooling and easy access to your plants to water and mist is so important, especially when they grow and you need to move them
  8. What ive had trouble with recently, same holes in my nepenthes, was slugs, I saw a baby slug that had nibbled the top of my jacquelineae (growing tip currently unknown amongst the black ends) in june then a big one on the floor at the start of july. In my temperate greenhouse my sweet peppers were being eaten, steadily 1 then 3 with half mssng, caught the culprits = snails, caught one at 9:30pm then another at 10:30pm a week ago. I think the heat and lack of water from outside plants is drawing them into our greenhouses, although i havent seen a slug in weeks im still getting earwigs in my heated and garden spiders in my temperate, vfts must have caught 20+ in their traps atm, 3-4 scuttling away as i cool the darlingtonia roots with fresh water Just looks like slug or snail has had a few quick bites then gone off on its merry way
  9. 3 or 4 of mine are dead too now, they need cool roots, black pots are a no-no right now
  10. Stinky stagnant water, not my cup of tea. Personally I dont want smelly media so I wouldnt, but its safe to use.
  11. It depends on the conditions outside of the terrarium. Some difficult nepenthes might need it if you cant keep the temperature and humidity range needed. No wild plant was born in a terrarium so none should require it outright.
  12. Halfords 5l is £3.50 vs tesco 2.5l £1, quite a difference, thats why I didnt do a halfords water shopping spree. Could imagine the supermarket sweep version "hes gone straight to the deionised water" Should always carry around your handy tds meter!
  13. If you have venus fly traps then you'll know what to look for when the rhizome splits. Its best done over winter if it needs it, during its resting season. Don't get too eager and damage your plants, they'll look after themselves for the most part. If anything, keep an eye out for more plants rather than touching these, perhaps some drosera, then you'll have a little range of different things happening at once and can do drosera leaf or flower stalk cuttings in the meanwhile.
  14. As a tip, if you're planning on heating it over winter, get twin wall polycarbonate and a decent amount of bubblewrap When I was building mine in january (frostbite alert!) I put 4 or 5 tent pegs in the base so they went inbetween our patio slabs, i woke up on the 3rd day after completion to find the heavy gusts had blown it about half a foot, unscrewed some nuts/bracing and totally bent or pulled out the tent pegs. After that I screwed one corner in a few places into a concrete slab, set everything up and and it hasnt moved since. Its protected on 3 sides by our conservatory and tall fence too, you'll have to go concrete, at least in the corners to screw the base into. As for the floor it'd depend on wherever or not youd want to put plants in the ground.
  15. the first is a hybrid involving purpurea, the 2nd looks like a leucophylla Theres just so many hybrids it'll be near impossible to tell the parents if both are hybrids