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  1. Christian is a really nice guy and his plants are hardened and solid! everytime again!!
  2. Plant arrived in healthy and perfect conditions! Thanks!

  3. really nice flower and plant!!! :-) congrats!!!
  4. Absolutly Amazing pictures!!! i am stunning! Really i love these Habitat-photos :-) greetings Marc
  5. Hello Marc, great looking plants!!-compliment! regards Marc
  6. Good evening, for me it looks like an orchid ;-) regards Marc
  7. nice collection!!! keep on going like this ;-) greetings Marc
  8. hello, i have this setup in my room situated betwwen other 20 terraria and aqauaria. it is really spectacular in the room. i love it ;-) Ps: thanks for your comments. i will take some more pics in the comming future.. regards Marc
  9. Hi, here are some pics from my big setup. regards ;-) Marc
  10. Hi, @ avery: no there are also jamban, inermis, flava, rajah, and some jacquelinae and tenuis of course. Some Helis are in the right sight. maybe i will do some pics of them all in the comming future. @Nadja: the lowii is 7 years old. i have it for 4 years. regards Marc
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