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  1. That's actually pretty Kick-Ass Image...Was that an image of your plants?
  2. I've had a few really bad experiences with varmints aswell. Both raccoons and squirrels have uprooted, chewed up and downright destroyed some of my prized Sarras and Nepenthes and VFT's...and I just felt that same disgust and stomach twirling feeling while I repot my plants and asses the damaged irrepairable ones and I just want to !$%#&...You know what I mean , cause I feel that these darn animals are just in my face....I know how you feel my brother Just look at my growlist and the ones that are "RIP" are the ones I lost to mostly varmints
  3. I use about ten to fifteen inches of straw in the fall (Halloween), then in the spring (St Patricks Day) I remove all of the straw and life in the bog resumes growth with no ill effects...
  4. I use about ten to fifteen inches of straw in the fall (Halloween), then in the spring (St Patricks Day) I remove all of the straw and life in the bog resumes growth with no ill effects...
  5. Very Nice Collection you have there
  6. It ranges from 30 degrees F / -20 degrees F Yup...Very cold, But personally, I prefer the cold than the heat
  7. It was actually in the 100's for the past three days...until it finally cooled down today(Saturday)
  8. You might want to let some air movement in the little greenhouse to help it, and I would clip off the moldy leaves. My Capensis are outdoors with no protection and they never get moldy after catching prey in their leaves. Try it and see what happens...
  9. While you guys across the pond are bombarded with plenty of rain, we are experiencing a drought here in the Midwest USA....Give us some of that precipitation
  10. I only speak from my experience....I live in Chicago USA and our summers are brutally hot( 80 Degree Fahrenheit/102 degree Fahrenheit) and our winters are also brutal(30 Degree Fahrenheit/ -20 Degree Fahrenheit ) I keep all of me Sarras and Dioneas outdoors all year round with no protection( no green house). In the fall, the potted plants are bagged up in large black garbage bags(making sure soil is moist) then placed around the in ground bog tubs then buried in 10 -15 inch of straw, then next spring(March 17 St Patrick's Day) is when I remove all straws then I take them out of bags to expos
  11. I had the same problem early this year, since our spring temps and conditions here in Chicago was unusually cold and windy. It resulted in twisted and stunted first few pitchers of all of my Sarras...
  12. Hi Sabrina! Welcome!
  13. These can probably be marketed as 'X-Men Ceph'
  14. Love the "Toothiness" of that Singalana....I have both plants...
  15. That set-up you have is very Very Aesthetically impressive!!!! Its reminiscent of Japanese Ikebana......Very nice and very pleasing to the eye What kind of moss is it growing on, on that driftwood?
  16. In the spring of 2011, I've decided to place my biggest Heli Heterodoxa x Minor outside where it can get full sun while it was still cool. Spring soon turned into summer and I was starting to get concerned about the heat, but i still left it in the same spot where it received the full summer sun and the I noticed a bunch of ants holding on to each other while they float in the water in every single pitcher....I was amazed as to how and where did these ants come from....By the time it was mid summer and was reaching 90 to 100 degree farenheit outside, I've decided to submerge the whole