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    C.P's, gardening, bonsai, tropical fish keeping, walking, photography, wildlife, reading and acoustic guitar......oh, and sausages.
  1. @Steve. Thanks very much for the reply. I will aim to repot all my plants this next Spring into more suitable pots, I do quite like the look of the Teku pots. @Will. Thanks Will for the offer of the pots, they are unfortunately too small for my plants as my collection mainly consists of Sarracenia and I think I will need wider and deeper pots for them.
  2. Fantastic, thank you for your answers. I currently have some Leuco's and Flava's in the polystyrene cups I mentioned. They are about 4 ins diameter at the top and 6 ins deep. Do you think these are adequate for a couple of years? I didn't want to disturb my existing plants unnecessarily. Any new plants I get I would like to put into more substantial square plastic pots.
  3. Thanks Dave, those grow bag trays sound like just the thing I've been looking for. I never thought to look in Wilko's
  4. Hello, It would seem the bug for carnivorous plants has well and truly bitten me. At the moment I am using polystyrene cups as pots and old ice cream tubs for water trays. I realise that polystyrene will break down in U.V so I am looking for some more substantial pots for my ever increasing collection. Can anyone recommend me a plastic pot? Which size is best and where is the best place online to get them please? I'd like water trays too. I'm sure this question must have been asked a thousand times so I thank you for your patience. Regards Jim
  5. I've got the very same, although I got it from Wilko's. http://www.wilkinsonplus.com/mini-greenhouses+propagation/wilko-walk-in-greenhouse-with-staging+pe-cover/invt/0273090/?htxt=Ks6MB8Yk89Jw%2FavASQuQiZuaXj%2Fj%2FBWFTM7%2FW40sEHdSS2%2BHTA0yXYQ52EI8tASdVJYdLQmGdqQa%0AhjgGWWo4cQ%3D%3D I find it good although you do quickly run out of room as a previous member said, also it's a little cramped for tall Sarracenia. If I had the money and room then I'd buy a bigger glasshouse (but who wouldn't).
  6. I've had a look and like you say the 'white insects' aren't moving, I have noticed a few aphids on the plants at the base though.
  7. Thanks for your help Richard, I'll do this and let you know how they get on.
  8. Ok, the plants are now outside in a sunny (well as sunny as it's going to get) spot. I have trimmed all leaves that were turning mouldy and noticed a lot of little white insects, I'm guessing these aren't beneficial to the plant. Does anyone know what these could be and if I can use any chemical to rid them please? I have rose clear in the shed which is an insecticide and fungicide but don't know if it is safe to spray on Drosera.
  9. Thank you for your replies. I shall move them out tomorrow.
  10. It's really good for your skin apparently
  11. Hello, I have two D.Capensis 'Alba' which I am worried about. The leaves that have caught prey look as if they are going mouldy and dying back. They are in my little plastic greenhouse which I have kept closed for the last two weeks or so due to the inclement weather, I am worried that lack of air circulating may have caused this....although, my other D.Capensis standards, D.Rotundifolia, D.Filiformis and D.Binata are all looking really well and healthy. Is this just a thing that occurs naturally or have I cause for concern do you think? Regards Jim
  12. Can I tag on the end here? I sowed some VFT seed on 25.05.2012, not one has germinated, I can see some seed on the surface and they still look shiny and undamaged by mould. Do you think it is possible to have some germinate after 5-6 weeks or am I flogging a dead horse? The seeds were sown on top of peat moss which is being kept wet (wetter than I keep my plants) as I understood it this was good for germination. The seed tray is in my little greenhouse which has had temperatures fluctuate from 8C to 42C over the last few weeks. I do my best to keep it in the twenties though. I have not put
  13. That looks like fun. I always fancied a radio controlled plane or car but I never made it past the balsa wood, tissue paper and laccy band kits. They were fun too mind :)