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  1. I would get a boat load of stuff I'd have to filter through to find what I asked because there were a few questions there. Pardon my ignorance for thinking a forum might be a useful place to ask. I shall refrain from asking anything here in the future.
  2. Hi, I had a couple of Neps last year and they died due to lack of knowledge. I assumed I could keep them in pretty much the same way as my other plants - drosera/dionaea/sarracenia in that they stand in water. I have since found out they do not like their feet getting wet. I also had them in the same peat/perlite type mix. Now I have discovered they are similar to orchids in that the roots like lots of air around them so they need to be in a loose growing medium. Is this correct? At the present time, I cannot get a terrarium of any sort as there is no space. Are there any nepenthes that I could have growing on a windowsill as a house plant? Could anyone suggest a hardy species, and a suitable growing medium, and care regime?! Many thanks for your patience!
  3. Hi, My parents gave me an orchid (I think its one of the moth orchids. Quite pretty and been in flower for some time now. I really have no idea how to look after it but would feel very sad if I was to let it die. Its currently on the kitchen windowsill - get lots of sun there. The light can get to its roots. How often should I water the 'soil' it is in? Does it need spraying with a mister? (I don't have one if I need to do that. Could you recommend a good type of mister if i need one - my local GC didn't seem to have any last time I was there) Although it is in the kitchen it doesn't get any moisture in the air as my wife opens all the windows wide even in the middle of winter. Any tips/recommendations? Many thanks.
  4. I just left them in the pot they came in!
  5. I got scorpioides and pygmaea
  6. Thanks Dieter, and thanks for you email the other day! What did you buy Carnivine?!
  7. So my pygmies have arrived this morning - a scorpioides and a pygmaea. Do I need to worry about the moss smothering the plants? Should I pull it out when it gets too much or does it not pose any problem at all? Am I correct in keeping them stood in water through the summer, and warmer months. And only damp through the winter?
  8. Its on a sunny windowsil, sat in water. I'm not sure what the growing medium is it arrived in but i filled up a small pot and placed the plant on top of 50/50 peat perlite. It seems to be okay at the moment but the moss is starting to grow which always makes me think its going to smother the plant. Do I just pick out the moss from the pot?
  9. Never heard of Darwin, any good photos around?
  10. Why is that? I thought being from the same place as a capensis, it would be fairly safe on a hot windowsill?
  11. How silly, I've been thinking about this - I'm planning a week away in Europe this summer. I was worrying my plants would all dry out because they are sat in the part of the garden that gets most sun. I don't want to ask neighbours to water them - Wouldn't trust them to do it properly! Problem solved - move them into the shade for a week! Thanks for that idea!!!
  12. So I've just read somewhere else that while germinating, the seeds needs a change of about 20 degrees between day and night. Has anyone else grown tuberous drosera from seed? How did you achieve it?
  13. Hi Fred, what do you have these planted in? Would a 50/50 mix of peat perlite be okay? I'd love to own a D Regia, but never see any for sale, or if there is one, its sold out! At the moment, I don't have a green house - where would you suggest I place a Regia, would it live okay outside, or on a windowsill best? Any ideas of where I can find a Regia for sale, or even a packet of seeds?
  14. I'm mostly thinking of the plants I have inside - they won't catch as many bugs at the ones outside. Thanks anyway.
  15. Do different species of CP require different amounts or types of food. I've read a lot recently about freeze dried bloodworm. The freeze drying process takes a lot of the nutrients out - would live, or even frozen bloodworm be better? I can get crickets of varying sizes (all the way from micro up to adult sizes) and I also have a colony of cockroaches which i breed for my reptiles. Is it just a case of using common sense and feeding something of an appropriate size? Can you over feed CPs? E.G. would you feed every trap on one VFT, or just one trap? Would you sprinkle food on every part of a sundew or just on one leaf etc etc.... Many thanks