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  1. Beautiful species fabulously grown, wow! Do you have any plans to pollinate the flowers or make some crosses?
  2. Thank you! I grow my aristo under lights along with my orchids so it gets bright light (2 x 220W Enviolites). On average the temps are approx 17-26C and the humidity is around 60-80%. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi guys! My small collection is still doing okay so I thought I'd post a couple more pictures. My two sundews are flowering under lights. Drosera paradoxa Drosera aliciae (this one was tricky to catch because the flowers close at the smallest disturbance) Nepenthes aristolochioides. I received a cutting a few months ago and it finally started pitchering in the new year. Yay! Thanks for looking!
  4. Very good photos of a beautiful plant, whatever that plant may be.
  5. Your second orchid looks like Rhynchostylis gigantea
  6. Great set up and that's one happy looking aristo! Love it!
  7. Nice pictures of great plants! Do you grow orchids together with carnivores?
  8. Thank you. I wouldn't mind if it was D. spatulata because I don't own it at the moment. Suppose I'll just have to grow them on a bit and see.
  9. TrapsGalore

    What are we?

    These to little guys are growing among my U. bisquamata. Any idea what they could be? I was thinking possibly D. spatulata but I'm a complete newb to this so could well be wrong.
  10. Great plants. As others said the hamata is amazing although the pink baby medusa also caught my eye.
  11. Thank you! One last thing - what are your day and night temperatures?