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  1. I finally found my password so to celebrate this here are some pictures of tuberous drosera d.rupicola d.zonaria geante d.tubaestylis d.Prophylla d.orbiculata d.Magna X d.erythrorhiza var imbecilla d.Lowrie geante d.Heterophylla d.erythrorhiza d.Basifolia by jp
  2. Hi Dieter, I just begun to make some try with fertilizer with tuberous,and the only thing i have see it's production of new rosette with some plants like d,zonaria. The production of new leaves on D. erythrorhiza and d.squamoza i have see that when the light is very strong (with poweer leds) it could be the same effect than fertilizer, the plant receive more energy ? This year i don't know why i have a lot of production of new rosettes on the same tuber, the better results is with d.zonaria, 16 new rosettes. I have also rosettes with D.tubaestylis, and even D.browniana The most surprising in 2 news rosettes on a small tuber of D.rosulata (you sold me this summer). What fertilizer do you use and what are your results ? by!
  3. hi ! it's the best period for tuberous drosera so i make a few pictures. D.Aff Bulbosa D.Lowrie D.Tubaestilys young plant (2 years old) D.Rupicola D.Squamosa D.Wittakery young D.Abbarans D.DErithrorhyza D ? perhaps a form of D.Erithrorhyza or D.Bulbosa young D.magna (2 years old) a few D.Magna D.Ramellosa
  4. Hi Dieter, Great pictures! like you i will have a few flowers of D.hirsuta, do yo know if they are self fertile like D.planchoni ? This species D.aff monantha seems to be very similar to D.macrophylla,the color of the flowers not opened and the leaves, do you know what are the specificity of this plant ? This year i had some flowers of the hybrid od d.macrophylla and d.monantha and haow i have more than one plents (i have a lot of theym ) so i collect some seeds like you told me on your mail it can be strange to collect seeds from an hybrid ? perhaps theses 2 species are not species ? The stupid thing it's i forgot to take picture of the hybrid flower. by
  5. Hi Lutz , it seems the waking up wae very good this year too. Very great pictures like always. by
  6. Hi Dieter! Thanks for these greats picture ,your plants are superbs !! I have also some flowers but not the same species i have some flowers of. D.bulbosa D.magna (in a few days) D.Rosulata and in a few days D.prostrotoscaposa by
  7. hi I have made a few new picture of tuberous drosera traps and i want to share them with you Drosera Salina Drosera aff Pallida Drosera Gigantea Drosera Calycina Drosera Modesta Drosera Zygzagia by
  8. Hi, Thanks for your comments. The conditions are the same than my tuberous, they are in my garage but not in a terrarium, the temperature is about 15° (today 10° becaus it's cold outside). The medium is very classical 50/50 sand peat. The light is strong and come from power led CREE XPG2 with a temperature not far from 6500°K I don't know why the plant make a flower this year i got the last flower 3 years ago and i have not trick to have flowers, i'm sorry but with this plant, i'm not the master it's the plant! I take the pictures with a nikon D300 and a 105mm macro sigma lens. The pictures are made with the focus stacking method. by
  9. Hi this year my U.Menziesiimake me a flower so i make a few picture to see the flower evolution. by
  10. hi do you have any slugs in your greenhouse ? i have see in mine that an attack of slugs can kill very fast some drosera. It came perhaps from a sort of virus who came from the slugs. by
  11. jp

    South african drosera

    Hi Lutz I want to qhow you the only flower of south african drosera that i have never had (except D.trinaervia). I came from a big D.cistiflora not far from 50 cm tall. The flower was very big and beautifull as you can see. This year i lost a big part of my south african drosera, like you said in the post i think they dry too much. So i'll be surprise to have new flowers this year. by
  12. jp

    South african drosera

    Hi Lutz Great pictures, one more time !!, thaks for sharing them. After d.cistiflora and d.pauciflora now d.coccicaulis it's seem you master the culture of these south African drosera. by
  13. jp

    South african drosera

    Really great plants and picture !!!!! It's the first time i see a D.paucifloa so hairy (perhaps it's normal, i have not d.pauciflora). You seem to cultivate D.Cistiflora in good conditions (better than mine) i never have flowers with my plants. by
  14. Great picture !! the gigantea seem to be a sort of carnivorous carrot tree by
  15. Great picture !! the gigantea seem to be a sort of carnivorous carrot tree by