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  1. lookin awesome. also digging the new camera
  2. Ah, that makes sense... I did see that site, but wanted to check with others first. Thanks for clearing it up for me.
  3. Hey, I'm looking to purchase the “The Lost World Project” film by stewart mcpherson, but I can't seem to find it anywhere except for a few short clips of it online even though it was premiered in sept. 2011. If anyone has more info, please let me know. Thanks, Aaron
  4. I'd have to agree. And yes :)
  5. Hey Jim, That plant is likely from the seeds i was spreading around that i received from triffid nurseries as "D. dielsiana ssp. "Transvaal"." Apparently some growers have re-labeled as D. snyderi and others think might be a mis-labeled hybrid of Nidiformis or something... but anyway, i might recommend calling it D. snyderi or "D. nidiformis hybrid" for now, since it was suggested for me to do so a while back. for some reason, the images can't be posted, but here are the links: http://www.growsundews.com/sundews/dielsiana/ssp_Trasnvaal/Drosera_dieslsiana_transvaal_post.JPG http://www.growsundews.com/sundews/dielsiana/Dielsiana_ssp_'Transvaal'_med.JPG
  6. love them! Especially the D. spatulata, which is quite amusing.
  7. Well, if you're new to Drosera, you may want to practice a bit more with the easier species, such as D. capensis, D. spatulata, etc. to get a feel for how to make them happy. But if you think you've got the hang of them, then by all means give tuberous dews a shot. As long as temps are at or below 70 degrees F, then that should be sufficiently cool. Most of the time, we keep our house temps at 60-65 F at night and 65-70 in the day. The basement stays about 5-10 degrees cooler than upstairs, so no cooling unit should be necessary unless you really crank up the heat.
  8. Lutz Pludra kindly offered to write a page about tuberous sundews. It can be seen here: http://www.growsundews.com/sundews/Tuberous_sundews-general_survey_for_growing_tuberous_Drosera.html We are working on finalizing the page now, so any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you have pictures you'd like to add to the page, please let me know. A few sample pictures: Drosera menzisii var. basiflora in bloom Tubers of Drosera stolinifera
  9. Hey everyone, Here are some recent pics of my Cephalotus, which really seem to love the cooler conditions in my basement in the spring. At this time each year, there is usually a pitcher that produces nice amounts of nectar on the peristome. I've neglected the plant over the past 3 years, feeding it only three times a year since I've been away from home quite a bit...so unfortunately they haven't grown very much, but I'm very happy with how they look. I took a ton of pics so it took quite a while to whittle them down to the good ones- ...so here they are (no photo editing was done and this nectar was produced entirely by the plant): large: http://www.growsundews.com/carnivorous_plants/Cephalotus/nectar_rim_Cephalotus_follicularis_front.JPG larger: http://www.growsundews.com/carnivorous_plants/Cephalotus/nectar_rim_Cephalotus_follicularis_front_large.JPG full size: http://www.growsundews.com/carnivorous_plants/Cephalotus/nectar_rim_Cephalotus_follicularis_front_FULL.JPG large: http://www.growsundews.com/carnivorous_plants/Cephalotus/wow_cephalotus_follicularis_wider_angle.JPG larger: http://www.growsundews.com/carnivorous_plants/Cephalotus/wow_cephalotus_follicularis_wider_angle_large.JPG full size: http://www.growsundews.com/carnivorous_plants/Cephalotus/wow_cephalotus_follicularis_wider_angle_FULL.JPG Hope you like them
  10. Well, as james said, it's not picky with media- i grow mine in nearly all peat with just a little bit of sand and it has even done well growing near the water level for several months in warm temperatures. but i've been growing mine indoors under lights for 4 years so perhaps there might be a pest in the soil or a fungus, as will suggested? I really don't know, otherwise- what's the light intensity, pot height, and temperature, just for the heck of it? --for anyone having that problem
  11. WOW those Villosa blew my mind. Also, incredible nature shots and scenery as well. I seriously need to picky my jaw up off of the floor...
  12. I enjoyed the field pics! I've had really good success with this species, growing them in temps from 70-80 degrees F. They flower like crazy when fed often, and have produced pretty nice seed sets, so I've been trying to spread this around when I can. They will be 1 year old in March, and these pics were taken in December: seedling 5-9-2010 my fave pic: 12-30-2010 larger: http://www.growsundews.com/sundews/spatula..._2010_large.JPG original filesize: http://www.growsundews.com/sundews/spatula...0_2010_FULL.JPG and a single medium plant larger: http://www.growsundews.com/sundews/spatula...r_bakoensis.JPG
  13. For what it's worth, I've been growing mine on the tray method under fluorescent lights for several years now, and after reading up about them, I made this page last month: http://www.growsundews.com/sundews/Drosera_prolifera.html Comments and suggestions would be welcomed. And just for fun, here's a pic of D. prolifera and D. adelae growing in a clump during the cooler months, when they color up the most: http://www.growsundews.com/sundews/adelae/...in_Ceph_pot.JPG