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  1. It is not special clone, they are just selling an ampullaria which has grown a basal rosette. Thats what I think anyways, correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. What does that fantastic hybrid look like today?? It's sooo beautiful...
  3. ceadi

    My nepenthes

    Wow, did that spathulata x hamata really grow that fast? And great plants by the way
  4. Okay, I'm going to put my sarracenia x c. x p. outside right now, as I did last year! Last year it grew a bud when outside, but I wanted vigorous, not flowering plant so I cutted it of. I think I'll let it flower this year. Believe me, as I'm young, I'm so very exited!! And, Megs at southern Finland our usual summer temperature is about 27 degree celsius at day, and about 15-20 degree at night.
  5. What species I can grow here Finland? For temperature, it easily goes down to -15 - -20 degrees Celsius, and over -20 for a week. Just now the first narcissus and crocus are growing, some crocus flowering. At this moment outside is 8 degrees Celsius. I'm currently growing my sarras, flytraps and cobra inside, maybe next year i could grow some outside in the winter? Here's list of my sarras: alata, leucophylla minor var. okenefokeensis, psittacina, purpurea var. venosa, x mitchelliana, x readii, x swaniana, 'Red Neck', catesbaei x purpurea.
  6. ceadi

    I need advice

    Well, how much lightning H. hispida, minor and pulchella would need when light source is 30cm(12in) away from them? And cooling them is no problem. Glad if someone answers.
  7. Hello, I'm beginner with heliamphora, and I would like to know about lightning them. I use fluorescent bulbs, an I would like to know what would be good for heliamphoras, like how far them should be from plants and everything else. And sorry for my bad english.
  8. Wow, some new locations for N. pitopangi, that's awesome!!
  9. Thank you very much, I think that im going to have them in the next year, as they are already growing now.
  10. Hello. I'm pretty new at growing drosera. In my mind the tuberous sundews are the most interesting, and I have read much information about growing them, but I'm pretty sure i dont know how to make those bit cooler temps for winter. If anyone has succesfull technology, I would be very pleased if he/she would post it to this topic. And i cant grow them in a greenhuose, as winters are a BIT too cold here.
  11. LOL there is nothing complex its simply Sarracenia x swaniana! Its known also as S. purpurea x minor. Check this out if you dont believe
  12. Here you can get one: http://www.czplants.com/prodej.php?sid=7b5...smer=&od=51
  13. what is the nepenthes species? I mean that wich have red speckles on its picther? http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/6794/rein...naautresnj3.jpg Sorry for my bad english
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