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  1. Wow. The 17 year old post that keeps on giving...
  2. Normal shaped tubers for this species.
  3. Norfolk Island pine - Araucaria heterophylla
  4. I'm pretty confident that this is a nice form of D. natalensis. The appearance of D. dielsiana is quite different to this plant.
  5. All good Jaco. The question was aimed at the original poster.
  6. Sure that's not a form of D. natalensis? I have some plants grown from seed labelled as D. madagascariensis from Mpumalanga that look very much like this plant.
  7. You keep it dry. Bone dry. For more control I'd place it in a ziplock bag in a cool place indoors and let it do what it wants. When it begins to grow repot and water. If you're lucky it'll hold back until next autumn.
  8. There are others. D. gracilis, gigantea and erythrogyne are some of those.
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