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  1. Has anyone ever tried using one of these to germinate smoke dependent c.p. seeds ?
  2. New cultivar ? "Hummer's Mini-Giant" ? Haha........
  3. That looks exactly like some leucs I have from Santa Rosa Co. FL. Hard to tell for sure though, so many look so similar to each other.
  4. That's a moorei but definitely NOT a Leah Wilkerson.
  5. It's been proven since. They feed on nematodes in the sand. There's some great pics in the Mcpherson book, shows the worms on the surface of the leaves and the flowers. There's also a really good anatotomical drawing of the whole plant.
  6. There's a chapter on them in Stewart Mcpherson's Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats Vol.2. They're really different, almost like a Drosera-Utricularia hybrid. Wierd. Here's a link to a pic of the leaves, can't find one of the flowers though.
  7. It's a fairly newly described genus comprising of 3 species, all native to Brazil. They usually grow in sand with the glandular, sundew-like leaves barely breaking the surface. The flowers grow on stalks not unlike Utricularia or Genlisea. Interesting little plants.
  8. Just trying to see who's around for convenient trading purposes. What do you grow ? Here's a rough list of my plants: Aldrovanda vesculosa - Typical, Hungarian Red Byblis liniflora Cephalotus follicularis - Typical, Czech Giant Darlingtonia californica - Del Norte Co. CA, Josephine Co. OR, Siskyou Mtn. Dionaea - Typical, B52, Akai ryu, Dente, Big Jaws, Cross Teeth, Clam Shell Drosera - intermedia, rotundifolia, anglica, burmanni, b.binata, b.dichotoma (Giant Form), b.m.extrema, X Ivan's Paddle, spatulata, sp. "Lake Badgerup", gigantea, hamiltonii, filiformis, f.tracyii, f."Florida Giant", capensis, capillaris Heliamphora - Ionasii, nutans (Giant Form), pulchella Nepenthes - X Miranda, truncata (Queen of Hearts X King of Spades), burbidgea, raja, jamban, jacquelinea, fusca, rafflesiana, eymae, inermis, reinwardiana, talangensis, bicalcarata, lowii, macfarlanei Pinguicula - moranensis, laueana, X "Titan", vulgaris, grandiflora, g.rosea, lutea, primuliflora, caerulea Sarracenia species - p.purpurea, p.purpurea heterophylla, p.venosa, p.montana, rosea, rosea lutea, f.flava, f.maxima, f.rubricorpora, f.atropurpurea, minor, m.okeefenokeensis, psitticina, psitticina Antho-Free, alata, alata Black and Red, rubra rubra, r.jonesii, r.wheryii, oreophila, leucophylla, l. Antho-Free, l."Schnells Ghost, l."Titan", l."Candy Stripe" Sarracenia hybrids - catesbei, Leah Wilkerson, Leah Wilkerson X Flava, Maroon, Ladies in Waiting, Hummer's Hammerhead, Mardi Gras, mitchelliana, Red Bug, Lady Bug, Red Bug, Scarlet Belle, Judith Hindle, Cobras Nest, Dana's Delight + dozens of unknown hybrids Utricularia - praelonga, subulata, sandersonii, livida, macrohiza, inflata, longifolia and one unknown small flowering species I also grow bog and other temperate orchids and other bog companions.
  9. That's some kind of wild ginger, probably an Alpinia species.
  10. I just got some S.graminifolium seeds. Is there anything special that I need to know about getting them to germinate ?
  11. Is anyone working with Philcoxia yet ? Just curious.
  12. I'm growing P.vulgaris and P.grandiflora under flourescents. Iusually grow them this way for the first year then they go out into the bog.
  13. I keep them on 100% peat and make sure that they're not in intense light. Could humidity be the problem ? Thanks.