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  1. I know 3 plants in cultivation. Growers try to propagate but propagation through plant tissue culture failed several times. Only a few cuttings were made and maybe there will be some available in a few years but at incredible high prices of course.
  2. Yes I know the growers but I can't share any names. I don't want their mailbox full of people asking for a spare. It's a very difficult species to propagate but everyone is doing their best.
  3. Yes, there are only a few plants in cultivation.
  4. And I have a little extra; H. macdonaldae:
  5. Hi all, After my topic in the habitat photo section about my trip to Sulawesi, I want to share some photos I took of Nepenthes in cultivation. Please click on the photo to see the plant tags. Here we go: Cheers, Lolo
  6. Hi all, It's been a while since I posted something on the forum. I've been quite busy with my studies and other work. In August 2013 I went to Sulawesi with Alastair and other CP enthusiasts. Stewart organized this expedition. This was a wonderful adventure. We found some new locations for N. glabrata and N. nigra. We also found a new species of Nepenthes and a new species of Paphiopedilum. I'm planning to go to Borneo and Palawan in June, July and August to see more Nepenthes in the wild. I hope I can share those pictures with you in a few months. So here we go: N. maxima
  7. Thanks for the information Marcel! I didn't know Greg has these problems, excuse me!
  8. Hi guys, I was wondering if there is some more news about the trip to Cape York? I would be very interested to join the trip but couldn't find more information on the ICPS website. Just the dates (22-26July) but no itinerary or prices. I send an email to [email protected] some weeks ago but I didn't get a reply yet. Is there someone who has some more information available?
  9. I don't want to kill the moss because it doesn't kill my plants but I want to kill the botrytis. If the moss doesn't affect my plants, I don't need to use something against it but I thought the moss was the problem but it is the botrytis.. I found some herbicides on the web for the treatment of the botrytis and tomorrow I will search something in my local garden center which kill the botrytis and not my plants (I hope I'll find something good) but first of all I want to remove the parts which are infected by this disease..
  10. Yes I dug up one of the dead plants and I didn't found any other pests on/in the rhizome. But maybe, like Elliot says (below), the Botrytis is the reason of the infection. Hi Elliot, Thanks mate, went to the greenhouse a few minutes ago and it's not the only plant with Botrytis. I did some survey on the www and I think this is the reason of the death of some of my plants. I never saw this before and that's very strange because I examined my plants already some months to find the problem and never saw that damage. Tomorrow I'am going to buy a good herbicide.
  11. Hi guys, I have some problems with a species of weed in my plant pots inside the greenhouse (photos below). I thought it was a harmless species and I controlled them just by removing them with my hands... BUT the lost months I can't control them anymore, they appear everywhere: first in the pots of my Sarracenia and more specific near the death/brown pitchers. This was not a big problem for me until I saw what actually happens: First they grow in the soil near the brown parts but than they are growing on the old parts of the rhizome and the rhizome begins to rot and after a few months the
  12. very nice photo's, I like your pygmies. May I ask you what kind of substrate you use for them??? Thanks for sharing!