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  1. I have found it easy to find lists or webpages dedicated to highland nepenthes and orchids but have a very short list of other carnivorous plants and non carnivorous plants that require similar conditions. does anyone have a list of or a link to cooler growing ferns and epiphytes. cheers
  2. Does anyone grow any brooks hybrid crosses that have kept the growth rate and vigour of the parent plant?
  3. Well its on my wish list and I'm patient cheers all
  4. After an enquiry about the plant from swc it was taken from the sales list and no reply. Its a shame
  5. Thankyou Nicola after seeing your pictures my mind is made up
  6. Its not going to win any beauty contests any time soon but the name got my attention a while ago. These are the first pictures I've seen and I like it.
  7. Sarracenia asbo does anyone have any pics or a link? Cheer's
  8. Thanks for the replies the plant I'm trying to find would have to fit the requirements in my poison dart frog terrarium hence the reason for such small traps or cups. Day time temperature is 24 c and night temperature drops to 20 c humidity is 90% constantly. Lighting is Arcadia jungle dawn with amazing results but the only down fall is air flow which I have purposely restricted but is not stagnant . This might restrict my choices even further .
  9. Hi I'm looking for a miniature nepenthes. Not really concerned about compact growth but I'm trying to find one with a mature trap or cup opening of no more than 10 or 12 mm. Is there such a plant?
  10. i use a fine 4 mm mesh on the doors of my little grow house to prevent bees and butterflies and grandchildren getting near them but large hoverflies still squeeze through
  11. same here my little growhouse is buzzing with trapped flies morning noon and night . i guess there all just full up and my big purpurea venosa is starting to smell a bit funky
  12. can i ask is that a fern with the swollen rhyzome?
  13. i was starting to flap a bit but weve had a lot of rain overnight waterbutts now full happy days
  14. a grassy bank just up the road from me was covered with them but the council have cut the grass now big shame