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  1. The water in the reservoir dont soak anything. And also, once you empty the reservoir, pls fill it up again. Too bad i dont have a picture, orelse it will be nore clearer what i said. You tank is almost same as mine, just that mine is bigger. Dont remove the top cover. The lights are ok. The plants just need more time to settle in, thats all. For the time being, dont add any additive. Try to achieve 90% humidity at the bottom of the tank and 70% at the top. Lights should be 3000 lumen at the bottom( you need to get a lumen meter) and 1500 ard at the half height of the tank. Daytime temp should be ard 20 degree C and night atleast 18degree C. I water my plants once every 2 days. Do remember that i grow it in a seal tank. Do let me know if you are still not sure of what other things.
  2. Sorry, i dont have any pic in hand for you:P One fan on top, and 2 fans below. The fan on the top inside the tank is on full power. The fans below is gentle breeze. The top fan inside the tank will be off when the lights is off. My tank is also 3' tall. I had to use 4 x T5HO and a 150 watts MH lightset. There is one strong fan blowing across the light tubes. As i am staying in Singapore, this tank is fully seal for HL growing. No air out, no air in. I had been keeping this way for a couple of years. Let me teach you a simple way of increasing the humidity inside the tank. Lay a layer of fine netting on top of the egg crate. Then insert alot of cotton string to act as water wick. Then add a piece of thick washed cotton cloth on top of the netting with the water wick. Then add LSM on top of the cloth. The reservoir below is always fill with water. The water wicks will pull the water up to the cotton cloth. The cotton will always be moist but not too wet for the LSM. In this way, the LSM will not dry out, yet push up the humidity without over wetting the plants. With the correct lighting, air flow, humidity, your LSM will be 2" thick within a month. You dont need fresh air inside the tank, what you need is constant airflow. Sorry for my poor english, i hope you understand what i am telling.
  3. What is the depth of your reservoir?? What is the depth of the tank?? With just one big fan i a tank is not enough. My 3' x 3' had 3 fans. One big fan at the top, 2 smaller one at the bottom. The LSM grow very well and thick. I use tap water bust i flush it every month. Sometime plants such as those sensitive one stop growing once they had a change of environment.
  4. I think your lights is ok, but it is on the low side. You could improve it by replace it with a piece of clear glass rather then having that piece of white plastic. Go to a glass shop and ask for a piece of cristal glass or low iron glass. If possible, get a set of T5HO.
  5. I second Gareth. That is super plant keeping!!! Nice colour and shape.
  6. Cute little fellows Envy that you will have many types of hamata
  7. Did you received my pm??
  8. This is solid Can share your condition of growing all these plants??
  9. This is a cutting not a pulling, and i would not ever try to pull the leaf downward. If pulling a neps leaf downward, the fiber of the nep will most likely pull the plant into 2
  10. Yes, i second cello, get a pic of the main plant.
  11. Ya Milos, i second Varun, my cork recently fell on my aristo and break the growth point:( because of the center region bending outwards, so i bought a tube of silicon and apply the whole tube on the bark
  12. Nice pics:) The hair will be on the leaf and the edge of the leaf the hair will be more:)
  13. I stored all my HL and LL seeds at 14 degrees. The germination rate is always high. I can store seeds up to a year with high germination. But the best is to sow it fresh. Good write up Gareth. Even buying seeds With pods or bulk doesnt mean the seeds will be fresh or stored properly. The best is to buy from a trustworthy people. Or you will be just gamble. I can just simply write a date and sell it to you. Even the type of plant seeds i can also anyhow write, by the time you found out, it will be atleast 4-5 years..
  14. The sharp is right. but the hair part i do not agreed.
  15. No, thorelii is not hairy, it is glabrous.